How to change Google Assistant’s voice from female to male voice

Virtual assistants are the new big thing in the smartphone business, with every OEM nowadays pushing its take on it and it is now becoming a crowded market already, with Google’s assistant and Apple’s Siri�being at the top of the pyramid. However, have you ever wondered about changing the voice of your assistant?

Apple’s Siri is more feminine, and so are the rest of them, except a few third party AI’s such as Jarvis, which is a virtual male butler.However, now with Google Assistant, you can now change its voice from a female voice to a male voice. Moreover, here’s how you do it, just follow this steps given below to get the result.

Change Female voice to Male voice:

  1. Open Google Assistant application from your pixel launcher
  2. Next, open settings by taping on the three dots aligned vertically
  3. After, that Tap on Assistant, followed by Assistant Voice
  4. Now comes the switching part, you have to switch from Voice I(female voice) to Voice II (male voice)

Moreover, you’re done. However, we don’t know yet, whether the male voice assistant of Google can also speak various languages; other than English US. Moreover, whether will it work with Google translate or not, so if you’re trying this do let us know about your experience�and spread the word.

Google Home mini
Image showing Google home mini in different colors

Moreover, this male voice is also available on Google’s smart speaker called as Google home; on the other hand, the company also landed a new mini version of its Google Home speaker called Google Home mini, and it costs just $49. Which could prove a reasonable entry level smart speaker, for everyone?

You can Pre-order the Google home mini from here!

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