Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas APK + MOD APK (Cleo Unlimited Cheat)

GTA San Andreas

The preamble to GTA San Andreas MOD APK Unlimited (GTA MOD APK) – Android Smartphones are maturing the modern gaming protocols of the era, sparring with all those standard handheld systems, like PC Gaming and Console Gaming, including PlayStations, Xbox, and the Nintendos! You won’t need anything these days, or no need for the giant expenditure if you have already received an Android Smartphone. These Android games can provide you the high-graphic gameplay without the lag issue at the most minimal cost.


Likewise, We had a diversity of chosen virtual games that we played every day and still played on our consoles, like the Rockstar Games, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas. Even If I talk about myself, I played GTA San Andreas for more than 10 hours every day after its launch and spent my entire days in that enjoyment.

Those were the impeccable days, but do you know that you’re also proficient in playing the same GTA San Andreas game directly on your Android Smartphone these days? Yup, I’m not joking! It’s the real talk as someone has developed the Android version of GTA San Andreas, including the incredibly same graphics, city, and missions within the Android convenience.�


We’ll get on that soon, but before that, let’s get towards the features presented by the GTA San Andreas for all the newcomers to the game and the professional gamers who would love a walkthrough of this famous virtual game again.�

Elementary features inside GTA San Andreas

The Open World gaming interface

First of all, The most striking feature you’ll observe inside the GTA San Andreas game is what is loved by all Rockstar Games lovers, The Open World gaming interface! It was the most aspired feature of every virtual gamer that he wanted a realistic open-world gaming interface to do all he wanted in the real world with fun and without letting anyone know! Likewise, The GTA San Andreas will also provide you with a fantastic open-world interface based on the fictional San Andreas city!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Massive variety of weapons

GTA San Andreas features over 38 classic weapons that’ll provide you with a glimpse of the official grand theft. You can experience all kinds of weapons within the game, including sub-machine guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Marksman Rifles, Shotguns, RPGs, and throwables. Moreover, The game also offers you an RC Bomb which is not there inside most of the Rockstar Games. An open world with weaponry!

GTA San Andreas Weapons

Giant City to explore

Open World games are mostly lovable because of the nature, environment, and ecosystem present inside the fictional city where the game is designated. Here inside the GTA San Andreas, You’re going to enjoy the nearly realistic San Andreas city, with all those similar weather, looks, and markets. So After playing this game for a while, you’ll start believing this open-virtual world is a real world.�

GTA San Andreas MAP

Hundreds of challenging missions

Rockstar Games is well known for its open-world gaming interface and thousands of challenging missions inside its games. Likewise, GTA San Andreas also offers you the lifestyle of CJ Carl Johnson, from where your story gets started. After the origination, You have to complete over 200 missions advanced inside the game, where some of which are based on gang wars, crimes, and ped wars. Moreover, The entire map is locked inside the game that you can only unlock after completing further missions compounded!

GTA San Andreas Mission Passed WIndow

Classic vehicles to explore the city

Do You know that the evaluation of the short form GTA is Grand Theft Auto, which means that these games are 100% related to auto vehicles? You must be missing this thing a lot after playing GTA Vice City and all other GTA Games. But don’t worry, since GTA San Andreas also contains the newest vehicles to explore the entire San Andreas city. You’ll feel astonished after knowing that this game delivers the mightiest Land vehicles like Comet, Euros, Huntley, Landstalker, Tornado, and Berkley’s RC Van within aircraft like AT-400, Skimmer, and Sparrow.

GTA San Andreas Cars

Side missions to feel enthusiastic

After the real challenges of the Career modes, You can also enjoy the side-missions inside the GTA San Andreas Android game. These Side-Missions include online events, Police Van missions, Ambulance Missions, Taxi Missions, Garbage Truck Missions, Army Tank Missions, Gang Missions, and many more. These missions are only created to help you be enthusiastic every second while playing GTA San Andreas.�

GTA San Andreas MOD APK Unlimited Health

Cops and Gangs synopsis

As we told you above, the GTA games get developed, including almost all the streams out there inside the world to make it feel more realistic, so here GTA San Andreas is also delivering some natural aspects. This GTA game also offers you the Cop’s and Gangs’ rules, according to which, If You’re killing someone or seizing cars, You’ll observe the Stars above showing you that the Police are behind you; like the reality!�

GTA San Andreas No Police Cheat

Impeccable game graphics after the first version

First of all, The game is beautiful, as it offers you exceptional graphics to deliver a feeling of natural life. GTA San Andreas Android version is a kind of Android game that’ll make you feel like you’re playing a real-life gangster named CJ to help your gang and make fun of the open world. Now, it’s time to download the featured version of GTA San Andreas right now and start enjoying all its features.�

Free Cloud Save Support

Free Cloud Save Support is the next generous feature offered by the Rockstar Gaming community inside this exceptional creation named GTA San Andreas Android version. This Cloud Save Support will help you save all your game progress, the missions you’ve cleared to date, and the properties you’ve acquired. This feature will help you the most as you won’t need to worry about your progress and can play the game whenever you want from the last touch!

Handy and adjustable controls

If You’re playing a massive-sized game on your Android Smartphone, the most important thing will always be the control design. Android Smartphone already possesses a smaller screen than the PC, and afterward, they’re touch-screen gaming consoles. That’s why You need the coolest and most simplistic control design. Considering that GTA San Andreas adjusted the best layouts and offered you four different Layouts. Moreover, You can also customize and create your designs!

Bike Control

Health and Fitness standards

In my opinion, the GTA San Andreas Android game is a 100% realistic Android game, including all the natural tweaks and components, including gangs, vehicles, weapons, and cops. But within that, there is one more thing that will make your gaming journey more astonishing, i.e., the health and fitness standards. In Simple words, CJ will have a natural human personality, changeable with running, cycling, and exercising. You can also track his Stamina, Strength, and Endurance anytime.�

Health and Fitness standard of GTA

GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.11.32 (Mod Cleo, Unlimited everything)

The moments you play GTA San Andreas must be the best moments of your entire gaming journey since this open-world game contains gallons of entertainment to attract you towards it. You can download this game conveniently from any platform and start enjoying it from the first second. However, there is the only thing that is going to annoy you the most inside the game.

GTA San Andreas CLEO MOD

Fundamentally, GTA San Andreas is a code-centric virtual game, where the entertainment is only behind the cheat codes. It depends on you, either you can struggle for that simplistic money and weapons, or you can type the cheat codes for free weapons, money, health, and everything. Well, Employing Cheat codes on PC and Gaming consoles is the most comfortable stuff, but it’s not that easy if you’re employing an Android Smartphone.

GTA San Andreas Cleo 2.00 APK

Presenting Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas MOD APK 2.11.32(Mod Cleo, Unlimited Everything)! Time to get rid of the official GTA San Andreas Android version and switch to the modified version of the GTA San Andreas. It’s a simplistic task where you’re required to uninstall the latest GTA San Andreas game and install the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas APK MOD version from the below link. Afterward, You can employ all those cheats and more additional exemptions listed below eternally -�

GTA San Andreas MOD APK 2.11.32 Features

Similar official gameplay

The first and the most important thing inside the GTA San Andreas MOD APK 2.11.32 is the gameplay, graphics, missions, city, weapons, and vehicles in the game. You’ll feel amazed after playing the modified version, as it’s the Ditto official game, but the only difference here is the floating Cleo button for the MOD Menu and all those cheats you desire. Let’s download this version ASAP!

Convenient MOD Menu

CLEO is the library of scripts developed for almost all GTA games. It was first developed for the PC versions, but afterward, some developers clubbed that library with an Android version of GTA San Andreas to create your most aspired, GTA San Andreas MOD APK 2.11.32 version. Inside this version, You’ll observe a convenient gaming interface with the MOD Menu present inside. You can tap the CLEO button and find lots of cheats and hacks from the MOD Menu. Must try it!

Cleo Menu

In-Game Teleport Manager

We already told you that the CLEO includes cheating code scripts with hundreds of futuristic plugins ready to astonish enthusiastic gamers. So Firstly, You’ll get a Teleport MOD inside the MOD Menu, where you can enable it and start teleporting on any map location in seconds. It’s the first and most unusual privilege, but there are many more upcoming exemptions to blow your mind!

GTA SA List Of Locations

Weapon Flashlight support

We all have played the GTA San Andreas game on our PCs and Consoles, and every time felt the same annoyance, Darkness on the Streets at the Night watch. Moreover, there are numerous missions you can perform only at Night clock time. It’s bearable on a large screen, but if you’re using a Smartphone, elsewhere download GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.11.32. This modified version will provide you with Weapon Flashlight support, after which you’ll observe a flashlight at night to find rivals and shoot them like a PRO!

GTA Weapon Aiming

SWAT Van and more unusual vehicles

Except for the innovative virtual privileges, You can also enjoy lots of in-game legendary vehicles and weapons you haven’t seen yet inside the game. Recently I tried this game once and employed a SWAT Van from the MOD Menu. This SWAT Van includes all the Tank facilities within those explosive cartridges. Moreover, there are so many new components inside the game waiting for you to enjoy!

GTA SA Police Station

Auto Increasing Health

The additional exemption developers employed inside the GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.11.32 is Auto Increasing Health. No one loves typing cheat codes or using the MOD Menu simultaneously to enhance health during a fight. Considering that, the GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.11.32 developers have developed this game with an already in-built Health enhancer plugin. You won’t need to enable it, and naturally, your health will start increasing after getting low!

Auto Increasing Health in GTA SA

Convenient Cheat Codes

We all know that there are over 50 cheat codes inside the GTA San Andreas virtual game, including weapon codes, vehicle spawning codes, ped codes, cop codes, stamina, and health codes. At last, It’s almost impossible to keep all these codes within a single mind, since you can’t do that, then either if you’re using a console or PC. That’s why the GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.11.32 is providing you with the programmed codes. In simple words, You only need to click on those code names like Weapon 1,�and they’ll get auto-implemented.

GTA Cheats

Thousands of futuristic scripts

GTA San Andreas was a small game until I met CLEO! It’s the world’s most reliable script receptacle, as CLEO conveniently offers you exceptional scripts you can’t even imagine. Yeah, You won’t observe GTA San Andreas as a small game with low features after installing the CLEO version or the GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.11.32(MOD CLEO, Unlimited Everything) version. So stop struggling and start living the future with thousands of CLEO scripts and plugins.�

Enormous Superpowers for CJ

Can you imagine CJ launching missiles from his natural hands with no codes? It’s simply impossible to do even without cheat codes, right? Fortunately, CLEO also has added lots of CJ Superpowers for enthusiastic gamers to find something new inside the game. There are hundreds of scripts that we didn’t employ, but some of them are based on superpowers like Super Punch, Hand Rocket Launcher, and many more. Now It’s your role to download the game, enjoy them all, and comment on your favorite ones below! Enjoy!!

Enormous Superpowers for CJ

Distinct Bike Stunt Zone

We have played several stunt games with the open-world interface, like GTA V, but have you ever imagined a stunt zone inside our favorite game GTA San Andreas? Truly, You’re going to enjoy a realistic Stunt zone within the CLEO scripts, including so many Bike jumping and flipping roads, circus roads, and so many BMX stunt zones. Moreover, You’ll also observe lots of them in the air so that you can stunt in the open air and flip from there to land! Sounds incredible, right?

Unlimited Ammo and Grenades

Last but not least, The GTA San Andreas MOD APK 2.11.32 version intensifies your open-world gaming with your most desired and commented feature – Infinite everything! Yeah, You will observe the never-ending ammo in all your guns you’ve got through the cheat codes or theft. Moreover, the RC explosives and frag grenades won’t end within the game, even if you’re using thousands of them simultaneously. Finally, it’s time to code the Five Stars and Fight them all with enhancing life and infinite ammo.�

Cleo Cheat Sheet

GTA San Andreas MOD APK Download v2.11.32 Android Game

Finally, We’ve completed gathering the entire information and acknowledgment about the GTA San Andreas and the CLEO modified version, GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.11.32(Mod Cleo, Unlimited Everything). You’re free to download any of them for your Smartphone, but mark my words, If You’re going for the CLEO version, You’ll enjoy more innovative features and convenience than the official one.

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Additionally, Below, We’ve listed the latest version of GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.11.32, including all those CLEO scripts listed above within the newest scripts developed recently by CLEO. You can enjoy them all without a single hassle, just by clicking the below tab and downloading GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.11.32.

GTA San Andreas MOD APK File – Download (2.11.32)

GTA San Andreas APK File (Normal) -� Download

GTA San Andreas MOD APK File (Cleo Script Unlimited) -� Download

GTA SA OBB File -� Download [2.0]

GTA SA OBB File – Download [2.10 Latest]

GTA SA CLEO Scripts – Download

How to install GTA San Andreas MOD APK 2.11.32 on Android

Installing the GTA San Andreas Cheat APK 2.10 may sound complex to you, as here you’re supposed to download and install all those files, including the CLEO Scripts, APK File, and the OBB File for GTA San Andreas. But mark my words, It’s a mild process if you’re following the steps we’ve listed below carefully.�

Step 1 -�First of all, Download all those files listed above, including the APK, OBB, and Scripts.

Step 2 -�Now, Go to the home screen and Open the Settings app on your Android Smartphone.

Step 3�– Search for the Security Settings or simple Security tab and Open it!

Step 4�- Locate the toggle named Unknown Sources and click the toggle next to it.

Step 5 -�Click the Enable tab on the next notification prompt.

Step 6�- Finally, You’ve enabled the third-party installation and are now required to install the app.

Step 7�– Now, Download a ZIP extractor for your Android Smartphone. Our recommendation will be for the RAR!

Step 8 -�Open that RAR app and open the folder where you’ve downloaded the above files.

Step 9 -�Now, extract the OBB File or� to the described location – /local/Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtasa/

Step 10 -�Now, Get back to the same folder where you downloaded the Script file and extract the�DATA-GTA-San-Andreas-Cleo�at the destined folder – /local/Android/data/.

Tada….! You’ve successfully installed the GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.11.32 latest version on your Android Smartphone, and now you can open and use the game for eternity. Moreover, You also have installed the CLEO scripts within that game. These scripts will naturally make a floating button on the screen, where you can conveniently employ all those cheat codes and miscellaneous tweaks.�


  1. u003cstrongu003eWhat is CLEO?u003c/strongu003e

    CLEO is one of the most used GTA extensible plugins with distinct versions for several Rockstar GTA games. These plugins include thousands of scripted MODs that will help you make the GTA series gameplay more simplistic than the official version. These scripts can get clubbed within the game and provide you with all those futuristic exemptions.

  2. u003cstrongu003eWhy GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00?u003c/strongu003e

    GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00 is the more adorable version of the GTA San Andreas Android version than the official version, and it’s because this version will offer you enormous privileges within the official interface. Yeah, You can now enjoy the convenient cheat codes implementation and colossal miscellaneous features on MOD!

  3. u003cstrongu003eHow to use GTA San Andreas cheat codes with Android smartphones?u003c/strongu003e

    If You’re using an Android Smartphone for playing the GTA San Andreas open-world game, it seems complex to employ the cheat codes. But benefits are also crucial, and consequently, we’ve found GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00 version for you. Here, You can employ any of your favorite Cheat Codes by just clicking on them! Why struggle then?

  4. u003cstrongu003eIs CLEO a legit service?u003c/strongu003e

    Yeah, CLEO is a 100% legit service, and it won’t ever interrupt your gameplay. Basically, The CLEO just simplifies the cheat code implementation process and offers you some of the advanced gaming features that you won’t receive with any other GTA San Andreas MOD. Lastly, It’s the most convenient service to make GTA more enjoyable!

  5. u003cstrongu003eCan I get all cheat codes inside GTA San Andreas APK MOD 2.00?u003c/strongu003e

    Yeah, You’ll get all those cheats available on the internet already clubbed on the GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00 Android app. You can simply run this app and open its interface. Afterward, You’ll find a floating window, where you can click on cheats and choose your desired genre to start exploring!

  6. u003cstrongu003eHow to install GTA San Andreas Cheat APK 2.00 on PC?u003c/strongu003e

    If You’re a PC gamer and feeling the love with the exemptions delivered by GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00, there are two ways of installing this game on your PC. Firstly, You can download an Android emulator and install the GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00 file. If You don’t want to execute this immense process, you can download the CLEO script bundle from their official website and extract it to your already installed GTA San Andreas mother folder.

  7. u003cstrongu003eHow to play GTA San Andreas Cheat APK on iOS Smartphoneu003c/strongu003e?

    Deplorably, GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00 developers only developed the Android version right now. Well, You can enjoy it on PC, but it’s impossible right now to download and install GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00 on iOS Smartphones.

  8. u003cstrongu003eIs GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00 ad-free Android game?u003c/strongu003e

    Yeah, GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00 is a 100% ad-free gaming version that offers you tremendous features without a single interruption. You can download it ASAP from the above download link and install the scripts as per the above guide to start enjoying all those mighty scripts available with GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00!

  9. u003cstrongu003eCan we install GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00 on any Android device?u003c/strongu003e

    No, You can’t install GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00 on any Android Smartphone since it’s a large-sized Android game and is only supported in mid and high-configuration smartphones. So If You’re using an old Smartphone embedded with a low-performance processor, you should switch to the better processor first.

  10. u003cstrongu003eDo we need to pay for GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00 scripts?u003c/strongu003e

    Absolutely Not! GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00 is an entirely free Android game, which you can download freely from the above link. Moreover, You won’t even need to pay a single cent for any of the scripts present inside the CLEO library. Everything is 100% free and developed for you to enjoy the dark side of GTA San Andreas.

  11. u003cstrongu003eWhere to download GTA San Andreas MOD Cleo?u003c/strongu003e

    If You want to download GTA San Andreas Mod Cleo for the Android Smartphone, You can click the above download links and download all the three crucial files required during the installation process. Afterward, You can follow the installation process to install GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.00 carefully.

Final Verdict

Do You know that GTA San Andreas was the most sold PS2 and PC game at its arrival time, and still millions of PS2 gamers start their day with this game? However, now technology is at our fingertips, and we can download any massive game directly on our Android smartphones to enjoy it deeply.�

Likewise, You’ll get the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mod APK 2.11.32 (Mod Cleo, Unlimited Everything). Download and install this modified version ASAP to start enjoying thousands of CLEO scripts. Time to get out of the struggling gaming mode and start rising with CLEO.

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