Google Play Games (APK) V5.3 brings new mini games and a clean UI

Google is now pushing a new update on the Play Store for its Google Play games app, and this new update brings a revamped user interface which now looks more minimalistic and less cluttered. Navigating through your scores and monitoring XPs is far more comfortable to the eyes due to an overall new clean look. Moreover, there’s also more to it other than the UI.

It now comes with three pre-installed games, which includes:

  • The legendary solitaire game
  • Cricket (More like Bugs playing the game)

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Play Games 5.3
Image shows newly redesigned page for XP stats, Image Courtesy: androidpolice .com

You can’t uninstall them as they’re embedded inside the app itself, so when you’re out of internet or nothing is installed on your device you can still play these basic games to kill your time. More, lightweight games could be added soon in the coming months, if the usage of these is found to be growing.

Talking about the UI in detail you get a new drawer at the bottom which when you glide up, you get to see you a whole host of games installed on your android device, as well games that aren’t installed anymore, but you still played it earlier, also shows your achievements in it.

Mini Games-Play games 5.3
Image Courtesy: androidpolice .com

When you open the app, you have a list of all your installed games, instead of displaying all your stats. XPs by genre is well sorted now as well as the history, people you follow in individual games are also easy to access. The recording button is also replaced and now has a new icon similar to the one you find in your phone’s video camera recording settings. You can catch the versus list is by tapping on to the games page to see it.

Overall, a pretty decent update from Google after a long time, to download the APK, just visit the link given below.

Download the Google Play Games v5.3 APK

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