Samsung Galaxy S6 Active gets the October security update (KRACK and Blueborne Patches)

Galaxy S6 Active At&T
Image Courtesy: theleaker .com

Samsung, as promised, is completing its mission to provide monthly security updates on a regular basis, not only to its high-end flagships but also for its former flagships and budget devices as well. And now the company is rolling out the October security update for its Galaxy S6 Active users. The latest update comes at 60MB in size and with version number G890AUCS6DQJ1.

Moreover, it brings the latest KRACK attacks vulnerability fix as well as the Blueborne patch, both are extremely critical exploits and are harmful to your data on your phone. The Blueborne allows the hacker to let into your devices by just being the range of his/her Bluetooth, while the KRACK exploit uses multiple reinstalls to crack your WPA by forcing encryption algorithms, you can read more about it here.

KRACK vulnerability
Image shows names of personnel who discovered KRACK, Image Courtesy: netserve365 .com

On the other hand, you can verify your blueborne safety by downloading the blueborne scanner from the Google Play Store developed by team armis, who also appears to have discovered this vulnerability in Android devices. However, if you were expecting Android Oreo then sadly the Galaxy S6 Active most probably won’t get the newest flavor of Android. But you can still look for custom ROMs based on Android Oreo.

Now, as per the norm charge your Galaxy S6 Active, and you need to have at least 60% or more charge to install this without any failures. Furthermore, it’s recommended to download it over WiFi rather than cellular data, if you have a weak signal.


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