Google Messages v4.2 now supports attachments of any type (APK)

Google has just started rolling out a new update for the Google Messages App with version number being v4.2 and it adds a valuable feature which was missing from it. Google has started to compete with Whatsapp in terms of features available for the users. Google Messages is built into some phones even on the custom skins by the company such as in ZenUI in Asus Zenfone 5Z, Stock Android in Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 and many more.

What’s New in v4.2 APK?

The information provided below is found out in an APK Teardown and is not mentioned in the official changelog of the app, and for those who are wondering what APK Teardown is, then here you go, Teardowns are often pieces of evidence found inside the code of an application which is usually a guess.

  • Attach Files of Any Type:

We did not expect this to happen, but it has, Google has finally introduced a new option for all its latest users to send attachments of any type which was usually only photos or videos previously. And now in our testing, we have found out this option to be available for all the users. This action for any type of attachments can be found all the way at the bottom of the share button. Just hit the attachment button and you’ll be taken to the standard file browser where the users can pick from the standard file providers like Google Drive or Dropbox. Like any other attachment, the user’s will be able to see the file added to an outgoing message, but the users will need to hit the button to send it.

  • Verified SMS:

In the last APK Teardown of Google Messages v4.0, there had been some traces of Verified SMS, Google has plans to tell the users if the message is from a verified source or not, but in the last APK Teardown there had not been a lot mention about this. However, in this update we have been able to find some new traces of Verified SMS for Business, that is Google may tell us if the message is from a verified Business or not , We haven’t been able to find traces for personal messages, so it may be true that Google will only implement Verified SMS verification for Business

  • Google Assistant Integration:

In the APK Teardown of version v4.1 of Google Messages, we were able to find the integration of Google Assistant in the messages app, and now Google is planning to integrate it a more bit deeper. It may be possible that Google Assistant could now give us a confirmation when a message is sent through it.

Download Google Messages APK v4.2:

This APK below for download is verified and signed by Google and will upgrade your existing Google Messages app, The cryptographic signature of this app guarantees that this file is safe to install and is not tampered with in any way. Rather than waiting for Google to push this download to your device, which may take days, download and install this just like any other Android APK.

APK Mirror – v4.2.068 Google Messages

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