iPhone 12 will bring a new design, larger display, and features

It has just been about 6 months to the launch of the current latest iPhones, and the company has started working on the iPhone 11 as well. Some leaks and renders have appeared which show us a triple rear camera setup on the back and the same design as on the iPhone XS and the XS Max. And before the official announcement of the iPhone 11, some reports have started suggesting the iPhone 12 as well. Yeah, it’s too early, but reports and leaks can appear at any time. However, a source has been claiming that the iPhone 12 will have a revamped design and some amazing new features.

Display of the iPhones Launching in 2020:

The iPhone XS and the XS Max were good phones which were overpriced, no doubt in that, but Apple’s iPhone XR was a bad one, it offered an HD+ IPS LCD Display at a price tag of 749$, but Apple has decided to solve this issue with the iPhone 12 Series. Some Reports have been suggesting that the iPhone’s in 2020 which will be the iPhone 12 will be sporting an OLED Display even in the R (Lite) Version of the phone, a new display will allow the company various options for the design, so most probably Apple will be changing the design of these iPhones in 2020 with the iPhone 12.

The Same Source also claims to be knowing the exact sizes of the iPhone 12 Series of Phones; it argues that the iPhone’s (Lite) Version will have its screen size reduced from 5.8 inches to 5.42 inches. Similarly the size of the regular iPhone may be decreasing from 6.1inch to 6.06 inches, However, the size of the Larger phone the (S Max Version) may be going up high from 6.5inches to 6.67 inches. The device with the smaller 5.42inches is most probably going to be the most affordable one with its manufacturers being either LG or Samsung. While on the larger OLED screen phones the display is going to be manufactured by Samsung.

Here’s What we know about the iPhones coming in 2020:

  • The Affordable Phone and the regular sized phones from Apple will be sporting a smaller display than now.
  • The Max Version of these phones will have a slight increase in size.
  • Support for OLED Display in Smaller Versions of the iPhone (R)

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