Google may charge Xiaomi, Huawei, and others for using Android

We know that the trade war between the United States and China is far from over, and Huawei is especially poorly got hit in 2018, despite breaking a record sales and becoming a Second largest Mobile manufacturer. Although, according to a screenshot, Google has used the official Android account on Twitter, which is followed by more than ten million users, to accidentally announce that it should start charging manufacturers like ZTE, Huawei, Xiaomi and others for the use of its open-source operating system. The “tweet” was later quickly deleted. But as the Page has 10 million followers, it was impossible for Google to hide it.

Note: The screenshot image of the official Android Twitter account might be fake so take this as a pinch of salt.

This post came shortly after a ten-year celebratory tweet of Android, in throughout 2018, and made a little tune to the other content published by in the social network. It’s the kind of message that does not seem to get public prominence by the company’s voice, but instead, it will be watched behind the scenes and reported by the market later.

Google may charge OEM to use Android


It is worth mentioning that in 2018, Google suffered a substantial loss to its accounts, disbursing almost $20 billion after losing a lawsuit in the European Union accused of not letting the open source system be competitive, tools natively. It was even considered that this would charge to allow the manufacturers to customize the OS to take their faces, but this was a rumor that did not finalize. What happened there was, Google said that the companies came the right to pull tools out of the system. But for this, they need to pay a license fee. It will not be charged if they keep Google’s Pre-installed apps and the Chrome browser.

The company claims that this is a way to finance the development of Android, which has a high cost. And at the same time continue to distribute the same for free. A decision to charge the Chinese manufacturers could be justified on the same grounds and may be finalized soon. To counter the EU’s $5 billion sky-high fine, Google began to adjust the rules for European mobile phone and tablet manufacturers to use Google Android apps.

According to Google’s official response team, European mobile phone manufacturers no longer have to pre-install 11 Google apps to use the Google App Store, but they have to pay a certain software fee to pre-install Google App Store, Gmail, YouTube and Google Map. A series of apps, but Android will remain free and open source.

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