Google Home now comes with Voice Calling ability in the US and Canada

Google’s smart speaker, the Google Home, just got its most awaited feature, and it begins to roll out today. Now the Google Home will be able to make Voice calls for free in US and Canada; which it rivals like the Amazon’s Alexa is already capable of�doing. With this update, the device�is now able to make calls to any mobile phone or landline that�s in your Google Contacts or to local businesses, in and around you. Notably, calls to 911 are not yet available but will be added soon in the future updates.

Google Home can call to anyone from your contact lists, for instance, OK Google, call my dad will get you connected instantly. Or you can say Ok Google, call my nearby plumber, and it will find the nearest service and call any one of them. And since, Google Home now can recognize up to�six distinct voices.�Google Assistant may place different calls when you say �Call dad� versus your roommate, based on your�Google Contact’s Lists.

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Furthermore, if you wish to call outside your country, you may have to use Project-Fi for international calls. Even though the AI assistant is not smart enough to fetch unknown calls details, or maybe an integration with an app like Truecaller might enable this facility in the future. But for now, such calls will get displayed without a caller ID.

Home is also available in many countries such as�Germany,�France,�Australia and the UK, but hands-free voice calling isn�t supported in these regions as of now.�The smart home accessory retails for�$129 while its rival Amazon echo comes at $179. Let’s see what new features does the Home bring to the table.

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