Google Glass Enterprise Edition is out for Enterprise Market

Remember the Google Glass? Which everyone thought was dead and didn’t end up in the market, Well it is again alive now! But with a different set of consumers in mind this time. We’re glad that Google didn’t discontinue this project as it did with Motorola’s Project ARA (phone books) which in today’s date is known as Moto-mods. But certainly, Google alone isn’t behind this, it is the “X” division of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) which brought back the Google Glasses Enterprise Edition for the Enterprise Market.

So, apparently, now it will feature all the software related to enterprise functionality rather than consumer grade. The Enterprise Edition has a longer battery life and is said to be much lighter than the usual one. The Glass now claims to have boosted productivity among the employees of their respected organizations. Such as DHL gains 15% to 18% efficiency in its supply chain.

The details about the delivery, placements tag comes right in front of the sight and proves to be much easier to work with. This eliminates the use of detailed documents papers and frees the employer’s hands to do more.

Google glass

Another organization AGCO claims, Glass has taken 25% off the time required to deliver hardware. As indicated by the organization’s Director of Business Process Improvement, their Officials say “Representatives are currently working more efficiently, quicker and more secure in light of the fact that they have the data they require ideal in their vision.”

Last year the Glass was used by a Medical Start-up. And now more such medical organizations are finding great ways to put it to use. Dignity Health care would now be able to look at patients straightforwardly without flinching. While at the same time recording notes utilizing Google Glass as opposed to writing them down amid the council. So, Doctors now spend only 10% of every day on their notes rather than 33% preceding utilizing Glass.

This different flavor of the Glass, if keeps going flawlessly we could soon hope for a consumer variant to be out in the market.

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