Google Chrome 64 on Android will now take care of annoying redirecting ads

Get ready for a much better browsing experience�on the Google Chrome v64, from now on you won’t be annoyed anymore, won’t be harassed any longer by these nasty redirecting adverts telling, you have ten ruthless redirecting�virus links coming your way and vibrating the heck out of your�device! And then you get lost finding your original webpage and usually won’t be able to track it back.

Now, these day’s will be gone as Google prepares to take on them at the higher-layered blocking�mechanism that it has implemented at the browser level, testing and blocking such redirecting links on any page.

Chrome Version 64
Image shows a fake message to redirect you to an unwanted web page, Image Courtesy: bleepingcomputer .com

Usually, you will only find clean ads on a�website. However, the attackers place a layer above them, by hijacking their original code provided by Google’s Adsense. And they put a layer over of its own, so whenever you tap or click, you get redirected and then things don’t go towards the right web-page. But as you can see in the images; Chrome now checks every link and ad, and if any suspicious�thing is found it gets blacked. Saving from getting lost on unnecessary�Play Store pop-ups and unwanted virus messages.

Chrome V64
Suspicious redirects now gets blocked in chrome 64, Image Courtesy: androidpolice .com

Redirects won’t take place unless they’re legit and when you tap on ads inside it, it will also check where the redirect takes you, to prevent any undesired sites to show up. It will also display a message showing the redirection is blocked.

This with the ad blocker and the clean-up engine(desktop only for now) should now make chrome cleaner and pop-up free experience for the users. Hopefully, it won’t take many resources as these things might increase computation or could make some pages load slower, when ones on a slow internet speed, and hamper the browsing experience.

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