Garmin Launches its new Vivofit 4 Fitness Tracker, Comes with a Year of Battery life

Garmin is an American brand and is known for its Fitness and navigation devices, first, it came in hype due to its advanced GPS systems for automobiles, but now from a while, we know Garmin as a brand that makes fitness accessory. Our today�s article is for the users who use Garmin products or loves fitness accessories as recently Garmin has launched its all-new fitness tracker called the Vivofit 4. So let�s check out more about this fitness band.

Vivofit 4
Image of the Garmin Vivofit 4.
Image courtesy: androidheadlines .com

Vivofit 4 is different as it comes with an incredible battery life of 1 year, yes you heard it right as it uses a small replaceable battery which is also used in toys and controllers. Earlier a version of this watch was launched with a black and white display, but this time it comes with a color screen which offers always-on functionality.

The hardware of the watch it tuned to work on the low amount of electric energy due to which this thing can last for a year. The device offers a display that can easily be read in direct sunlight.

It offers essential functions like step count, time, notifications when connected to a mobile device. You can pair it easily to your smartphone through Bluetooth and can get all the fitness data on your device.

The watch also offers Garmin�s exclusive feature called toe-to-toe, this feature will enable you to compete with your child having Vivofit Jr by steps. The watch is available in a variety of colors including White, Black, Magenta, etc. and is available for a price tag of 79.99$; we are not sure whether Garmin will be launching it in India or not.

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