Essential Health and Lifestyle Apps For Fitness Freaks

Mobile applications have made everything we do easier. From ordering dinner, dating, and managing your personal finances to finding a ride home; the answers to all of life’s daily tasks have been consolidated into a 5-inch screen. App stores were once limited to games, books and informational software but have now evolved into valuable resources, chock-full of apps that help you make better lifestyle choices, relieve stress, organize your day, take care of household activities and so much more. These apps are making 2018 the best year to get up, get out there and get organized.

Fit, Healthy & Ready�To Go


Everyone knows of the struggles that follow a decision to commit to a new diet and workout routine. When it comes to calorie counting or exercising, it can be hard to keep track of your progress without a little help. In today�s fitness world, countless apps are dedicated to aiding your newfound endeavor to maintain an active lifestyle. They can provide valuable information like blood pressure and heart rate readings to ensure you get the most out of your regimen.


Applications like�PEAR Personal Fitness Coach are designed to provide workout plans that adapt to your body type, current physical state, and future progress. The PEAR app is also compatible with fitness devices like the Fitbit tracker. Linked, users have access to an even wider array of options and features. Apps like�these pave the way to a healthier, happier body and mind.


The�popular MyFitnessPal app can be used as a personal nutritionist in conjunction with managing your diet and fitness regime. You can track what you eat and how you exercise using a smart interface programmed with thousands of recipes and popular meals from restaurants all over the world. You also have the option of creating your own recipes to give it that extra special personal touch.

Lastly, you can set a target weight through the app which will be deemed realistic, ambitious, or unhealthy based on your current diet and exercise habits.

Pocket Personal Assistant


With the rise of home delivery services, smartphones have unexpectedly become a solution to day-to-day household needs. These apps can help you get everything from toilet paper to Chinese takeout delivered right to your door. If you’re hungry and craving a curry puff from a�restaurant across town, the solution is a few minutes away with�Deliveroo, a quick and easy multi-national food delivery app. If you’re hoping for a meal that fits into your diet plan, you can discover loads of health-oriented, vegan or cuisine-specific restaurants that give you all the details you need to make the right selection. These sorts of home delivery apps have become the ultimate solution for just about every kind of smartphone user.

Amazon Alexa

Finally, we come to Amazon�s Alexa. Not the only virtual assistant software out there by any means, but arguably the most popular right now. Widely advertised online and in the media as one of the smartest and most versatile of it�s kind, Alexa can help you organize your shopping lists, make bookings/appointments, and entertain you.

Alexa also has a�quirky sense of humor to explore, so whether your goal is to train for a marathon or simply get your life on track, there’s an app out there that can take off some of the pressure and make it a little easier.

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