How to Enable 4K UHD Video Recording on Redmi Note 5 Pro

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 5 Pro is selling like hotcakes since its launch; the device is really popular among budget consumers with its high value for money performance. The Redmi Note 5 Pro packs impressive hardware for its price, along with a fantastic pair of cameras. The Dual-Camera setup on the Redmi Note 5 Pro is quite capable and can also take Bokeh or Portraits shots as well. Along with that, there’s also an option for Slow-motion video and 1080p video, but the 4K Ultra HD video recording option is missing on the device.

It’s not that the device is not capable of recording videos in 4K UHD, the chipset that it runs on, that’s the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 is quite a capable chip and can easily handle recording 4K UHD video recording. However, that 4K UHD video recording option is disabled on the Redmi Note 5 for some reason. Some OEMs do this to differentiate�a mid-range/ upper mid-range device from its flagship and so.

Not only 4K UHD recording, but the Snapdragon 636 powering the Redmi Note 5 also supports Quick Charging 3.0 which is also disabled by Xiaomi(Due to some patent charges and such). But in this post, we will specifically be unleashing the high-end abilities of the phone by taking a look at how to enable 4K UHD video recording on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro.

Requirements to enable 4K UHD recording option

  • Your Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro should be Rooted
  • An advanced�file manager which can execute file actions�in the root directory of your system. And also a Text-Editor but many File explorers have that built-in these days
  • Do have a back-up of your sensitive and important data, as there might be certain risks involved with such procedures

How to enable 4K UHD Video Recording on Redmi Note 5 Pro

Image Courtesy: xda. com

Step 1:�Open the file explorer, that you prefer�(allow the SU access/Root access) if asked by the file explorer and navigate to the following folders path ==>��/system/etc/device_features/��

Step 2:�Now you’re on that path/folder, you need to find this file –>�whyred.xml; Once found, tap on it and it will ask you to open it as? You have a Select a text editor to Open the whyred.xml file, as we are going to alter it, to enable the 4K UHD videos on your Redmi Note 5 Pro

Step 3:�Next, we need to find that line of code, which has currently disabled the 4K option within the camera and alter it. So, you need to look for the following string of code ===>

<bool name="support_camera_4k_quality">false</bool>

The datatype of the tag is Bool means, this is a boolean datatype assigned to the name variable, and Boolean datatype variables accept only two values, it’s either True or False, 1 or 0. Currently, it is false as you can see, which needs to be changed to enable 4K ability on your phone.

Step 4:�Within that line of Code, just change the bool value from false to true.�[This is simple text editing, use backspace to get rid of false and within that place of false, just type in true]

Step 5:�Your editing result should look similar to whats shown below:

<bool name="support_camera_4k_quality">true</bool>

Step 6:�After editing and changing it from false to true make sure you save the file before you exit the File Explorer, sometimes it saves it while in some file explorers you may need to do so manually

Step 7:�Now, you have to Reboot your device and hop into the Camera settings where now you should discover the 4K UHD video recording option being displayed.

Lastly, we suggest that you don’t use 4K video recording too much as the file sizes are humongous and will fill up your internal storage rapidly and another thing to note is that your device will also heat up very quickly while recording in 4K UHD for a longer period.

Source: XDA Developers

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