Download Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus TWRP Recovery [Official]

Most of the Android Geeks would be knowing about the most used Custom Recovery on Android devices, The TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project), TWRP is used to install custom ROMs, kernels, format data and more. Also when the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ were launched, due to the continually working developers, TWRP Support for those devices came out the same day itself. While much time has passed since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+, the official TWRP Support for the Exynos Variant has rolled out!

Features of TWRP:

  • Install Custom ROM’s: Using TWRP, users can flash and install Custom ROM’s and try out different experiences on their Android device.
  • Install Kernels: Using TWRP, users can install the kernel which they want which can result in saving battery life drastically.
  • Format Phone: Users can wipe their phone’s data in many different ways.
  • Backup: Users can backup and restore their phone’s data via TWRP.

This has to be kept in mind that the TWRP Support has rolled out only for the Exynos Variant and not the Snapdragon variant. The US models of the Galaxy S10 and the S10+ won’t be able to use the given TWRP as their bootloaders will be firmly locked down. The Official TWRP file for the Galaxy S10 and S10+ [Exynos] weighs around 64.5MB, and it can be downloaded and installed from the source link below. Alternatively, you can use the official TWRP app, also below.

Download TWRP For Samsung Galaxy S10 [Exynos]

Download TWRP For Samsung Galaxy S10+ [Exynos]

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