Apple granted a patent for better wireless charging

Apple’s newly granted patent 9,577,467 covers their invention relating to wirelessly charging Apple Watch via a charging dock, and more particularly, to systems and methods that enable Apple Watch to be wirelessly charged in more than one position.


Some embodiments of the disclosure pertain to a system for wirelessly charging a portable electronic device. The system can be a docking station or similar device upon which the portable electronic device to be charged can be placed.

The system can include a power transmitting component that can be wirelessly connected to charging circuitry of the portable electronic device to wirelessly transmit power to the charging circuitry and charge the portable electronic device’s battery.

In some embodiments, the power transmitting component is housed in an assembly attached to a base of the system with a hinge. The hinge enables the wireless charging assembly to be positioned at more than one angle with respect to the base enabling the user to change the viewing angle of the portable electronic device being charged by the power transmitting component.

For example, the wireless charging assembly can be placed in a first substantially flat position in which the portable electronic device can be placed directly over the wireless charging assembly as well as a second angled position that enables the portable electronic device to be positioned at an angle against the wireless charging assembly.

The first substantially flat position may enable a user to easily view information presented, for example, on a display screen of the portable electronic device the display, when looking down towards the device, while the second, angled position may better enable the user to view information presented on the display screen from other perspectives.

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