Apple iPhone Warranty docs leak gives a view on what Apple will fix

Apple’s new warranty plans leaks out exposing the new details about under what conditions the iPhone will be eligible for in-warranty repairs and replacements and out-warranty as well, along with devices which they consider��ineligible� because of damage not covered under certain conditions and illegal mods.

Under Warranty Coverage

iPhone warranty manual leak
Image courtesy: business insider .com

Apple covers the following things under warranty and will get you a free repair if the device has any pixel anomaly, under the display if you by chance happen to have any dust, debris stuck inside. If your front camera (FaceTime foam) is�misaligned, then you can opt for the repairs as well as a�single hairline crack on the front glass(without any impact-point), this does not mean a spider-webbed cracked display glass is eligible.

Now moving forward with situations eligible for out-of-warranty includes bending, splitting of your phone, damages caused to the audio grills or lighting connector, damage due to laser contact (which is not visible in the camera preview), whole front glass cracking as well as single hair-line crack with multiple chippings.

iPhone manual leaked and shows what Apple will fix on an iPhone
Image courtesy: business insider .com

Moreover, liquid harm caused by the user comes under this category. You need to take the Apple care+ program if you want extensive repairs from major damages. Apple has also addressed many points regarding water damages, and there’s a guideline for technicians with the LCI (liquid contact indicator) as it turns red when gets contacted with water, conveying damage origins.

We think this fair enough, but considering you pay a more premium for the iPhone at least a twice cracked screen should be replaced for free, instead of that $29.99 or more with Apple care plus.

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