7 iPhone features you wish you knew earlier

�The iPhone is one of the most popular mobile devices on the market, and for a good reason. Each update brings a host of new and exciting features that give the phone even more functionality and improve the overall experience for iPhone users. Many benefits of the iPhone go beyond the most common uses such as watching movies, taking pictures, or even playing casino games like Book of Dead online. We’ll look at some obscure features you may not know your iPhone could do and which you might want to start making use of!


This feature allows you to edit photos and screenshots and add signatures to documents – even PDFs! To access it, open the image or document you’d like to edit, tap the Edit button, and then select Markup. Once you’ve done that, you can edit to your heart’s content!

��Eye Contact on FaceTime

People are increasingly FaceTiming as a way to socialize and communicate, but one of the things that’s harder to achieve when video chatting is eye contact. That’s why the iPhone has Eye Contact, which makes it appear that you’re keeping eye contact with your friends, even if you’re looking at another area of the screen. To enable this, go into Settings, then FaceTime, and enable the Eye Contact feature.

��Voicemail Transcripts

We�re all familiar with the annoyance of checking your voicemail only to find that it�s just the sound of someone pocket-dialing you rather than an important message. It�s a lot of wasted time going through the voicemail system for no reason. That�s why the iPhone is trialling the Voicemail Transcripts, which sends you a message with the contents of the voicemail, so you don�t have to waste time checking it.

��Scan Text with Your Camera

If you’ve ever tried to copy text onto your phone, you know how much of a hassle it is to type it all out. Even taking a picture doesn’t help, as you need to type it out later. With the iPhone, you can make your life easier by scanning text from images and documents into a note on your phone. In the notes app, tap the camera icon, then Scan Text, and you’re away!

��Live Photo Editing

Live photos were a great addition to the iPhone, but the only drawback was that they couldn’t be edited similarly. That’s now changed, and the latest iOS update allows you to edit live photos the same way as regular photos.

��Built-in Measuring App

Who has a tape measure these days? Rather than driving to the DIY shop when you need to measure something, you can use your iPhone! Open the Measure app and follow the onscreen instructions. In a few seconds, you’ll know the exact size of whatever you’re measuring.

��Manually Choose the Camera Lens

If you fancy yourself as a photographer, you may want more choices regarding the lenses you use for each shot. The iPhone allows you to pick and choose which lenses you use when taking photos, allowing you to get the image you need.


These are just a handful of the great features available on the iPhone that many people may not know existed. From enhanced video calling features to improved photo editing functions, it’s a testament to the iPhone that it can pack so many features into one device! Try these new features and see the iPhone’s true potential for yourself.

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