5 Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail unknown features you should know

Microsoft’s Email service known as Hotmail h�s been around since a long time, from 1996 to be precise and the mailing service has undergone a lot of changes since the major one was in 2011 with MS Windows Live Hotmail. However, now the facility has been renamed/replaced with Microsoft Outlook and also boasts tons of features but also keeping the essential legacy functions true to its roots and some of them you haven’t heard of yet. And this post we will try to cover some unknown features of the Microsoft Hotmail/Outlook.

Access content from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

With Outlook you can also access and manage your social media accounts, you can discover this setting by heading over to More E-mail settings, which is located in the top right, then select the Content from third-party networks option link which will be beneath the Reading Emails. Now go to the bottom of the web-page under the� Show additional content, this is where you can manage it’s privacy settings.

Use Quick Steps

Image shows Quick steps UI, Image Courtesy: howtogeek .com

This is a similar feature to Adobe Photoshop’s quick actions; moreover, in this menu, you set multiple sets of actions which you perform more often, into a shortcut. For instance, moving emails into a different folder and sending it to a specific contact, then you just do that whole multi-step process into a single shortcut click. So, do look out for Quick Steps, next time.

Maintain your in-box with Sweep

Image Courtesy: windows club. com

This was a big deal when it first came but later was forgotten, but Microsoft again updates it for ease of use, as many users earlier reported some bugs related to sweeping your emails. This feature helps you to clean your inbox, that is quickly deleting unwanted e-mails. All you have to is just select that particular contact, which you don’t want to receive any more e-mails from and you can move their e-mails into another folder. However, the sender’s reputation isn’t affected when some people starts are sweeping your sent e-mails, so do not panic about this feature, it won’t flag your e-mail marketing business as Spam or something harmful.

Renaming your e-mail

Image Courtesy: theleaker .com

You can�Inbox –> Options –> Rename your e-mail address, and then just add your name, and it will just work like your previous ID and on your Skype and also within your contacts. Everything will just be as usual, and you’ll also receive your emails as usual. But the most interesting thing here is that you’re even allowed to change the domain name of your e-mail address, but seems like they’re only limited to live, outlook and Hotmail only.

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts

You want to be efficient while completing that vital e-mail for your boss, the following Outlook keyboard shortcuts, which will help you to navigate around with ease and save some time.

  • To send e-mail just press Alt+S
  • To reply to an e-mail press
  • To create a New Folder ==> Press Shift + E key
  • To begin a New message just hit the N key
  • To start Advance search press CTRL + Shift + F key
  • To Open an Address Book press ==> CTRL + Shift + B
  • Directly jump to inbox ==>� CTRL + Shift + I
  • To navigate/move between folder panes use arrow keys
  • To Find a contact just Press F11
  • Inside mail, to use Save As press F12

So, that’s it for now; we’ll keep hunting for more if we came across any more exceptional features that will help be more productive and give that slice of time for getting more work done or just to sit back and relax, that you have completed your work much earlier.

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