YouTube Brings Video Playback Speed Option (YouTube Download APK)

Youtube finally brings back the video playback speed option to its app on both platforms, i.e., on Android and iOS.�YouTube the platform where uncountable videos are uploaded daily and which is also one of its kind has recently rolled out a new feature on the Android and iOS stage. This new feature is fascinating and compelling.

If you don�t know then YouTube playback speed option is available for a while to the PC scene and the latest news is that YouTube has made this feature available on the two mobile platform. Let�s check out some more information about it.

Youtube App options showing the Playback speed settings
The�Image�is showing the speed playback option in YouTube app.
Image courtesy: youtube .com

Earlier only limited options were available on the YouTube for mobile platforms, but from the latest update, users will be able to adjust the speed of any video available on YouTube. As per the developer a user can change the speed of the video from 0.25x-2x which means from super slow to super fast. Google is currently busy in rolling out this update if you haven�t received this update yet then don�t worry you will get it recently.

We have also provided a separate downloading link below from where you can easily download it, in case you haven�t received it. As per the developers the biggest challenge in providing this update was that when we increase the speed of the video, the sound frequency also changes and makes it sound ugly and whenever we decrease the speed the sound becomes funny,

So to solve this problem they have worked a lot to make the experience better as for smartphone hardware and software it is not an easy task.

Download the YouTube APK from APK Mirror: YouTube Download. You can also download the latest YouTube version from Google Play Store here and Apple iTunes here.

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