Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3i to launch soon will come with better charging and capacity

Xiaomi is preparing to launch the Mi Power Bank 3i in the market early next year. Xiaomi is known for providing amazing features at surprisingly low prices. The last two versions of Xiaomi�s Power bank fared pretty well in the market. With the introduction of the new generation, the company might be aiming to conquer the power bank market.

The power bank will reportedly be available in two variants- 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh capacities. According to a source, the power banks will be offered with USB Power Delivery support. The Mi Power Bank 3i will also support fast charging.

The 10,000mAh will have an actual capacity of about 7,500mAh to 8,500mAh while the 20,000mAh model is expected to have a real capacity of 16,000mAh to 18,000mAh. Previous versions of Mi Power Banks do not offer a USB Type-C port, and the new version is expected to support one.

According to the source familiar with Xiaomi’s supply chain, This power bank looks sleek, packed inside an aluminum body, and looks premium. The Mi Power Bank 3i will support fast charging. It might be available in three colors, which include Black, Silver, and Golden. The charging capability will be faster than the previous version as it is said to be equipped with the latest version of Qualcomm’s quick charging technology.

Xiaomi has not yet disclosed the price of the device, but looking at the previous versions, it might be in the sub-2000 price range. Xiaomi has not yet released the official launch date yet, but these Mi Power Bank 3 models could be a big thing in the power bank market.

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