How to watch Netflix for Free without taking a Subscription Plan?

Netflix is currently the world’s biggest OTT (over-the-top) original content provider. It has some of the world’s best-rated and most liked shows and movies on its platform, and as such, it is much liked by people across the globe. But as the old cliche goes, everything good comes at a price. Netflix, too charges very high subscription rates for its services, and not many can really afford it.

What are the Netflix Subscription Plans?

Netflix India pricing

There are four Netflix Subscription Plans available in India as of now. These include –

1- The 199 Mobile Plan -The starting plan is available for 199 INR per month, but it comes with various restrictions. It is only supported on Smartphones and does not work on any other device. Besides, you can only watch the content is standard quality and only on one device.

2- The 499 Basic Plan – This plan for 499 INR per month allows you to watch SD content on any device you want, including a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and TV. You will be able to stream unlimited content, but only on one device at a time.

3- The 649 Standard Plan – This Plan for 649 INR per month provides some extra features that include higher video quality at Full HD 10180p, ability to watch on multiple devices, ability to watch on 2 screens simultaneously, unlimited access to content, and option to cancel the membership anytime you want.

4- The 799 Premium Plan – This is the highest available plan at 799 INR per month, and allows access to unlimited content in 4K + HDR quality. You can watch the content simultaneously in up to 4 screens. It is available on all kinds of devices.

Amazon, on the other hand, provides a yearly subscription at just 999 INR and a monthly subscription at 129 INR, giving access to all content and features. Disney Hotstar+ provides two plans, VIP at 349 per annum and Premium at 1499 INR per annum, again giving all features. When we compare streaming plans of Netflix to Amazon Prime and Disney Hotstar+, then we can see that the prices of Netflix are much more, which makes it very difficult for viewers to buy Netflix Plans.

But still, there’s a lot of unique content and features on Netflix that cannot be found anywhere else, and hence, many people ask if there are any ways to watch Netflix without spending on Subscription plans.

Well, we have some good news for you. Yes, there is a way to watch Netflix for free without taking any subscription plans. So what is this way? Let’s find out –

How to Watch Netflix for Free

Watch Netflix for free

Netflix has recently provided an option to allow new users to watch some of the content for free. The users who want experience what Netflix has to offer with having to pay for a Netflix subscription can just go to the Watch-Free section (address provided below). You can access this from any browser on your Android smartphone. Laptop, desktop, or even Smart TV. However, you cannot watch Netflix for free on iPhone or iPad.

Steps to Watch Netflix for Free without Subscription

To watch Netflix without subscribing to any plan, follow the steps mentioned below –

1- Open your browser on any of the supported devices, as listed above.

2- Copy and Paste the following in your browser address bar or just click on the link-

3- Click Enter to reach the Website.

4- Select from the range of shows and movies that are available and watch for free.

Also, read: Netflix Mod APK, the app is not completely legal but can provide you a good downloadable Netflix librabry for free.

Netflix free TV series

Some of the popular shows and movies that are available include Stranger Things, Murder Mystery, Bird Box, The Boss Baby Back in Business, Our Planet and Elite, Murder Mystery, Love is Blind, and many more. So go to the Netflix Watch-Free section now and watch your favorite show on Netflix for free without subscription.

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