How�To�Shield�Your�Instagram�Account From�Hackers

Hackers are always on the go � sometimes, just for the fun of it but you certainly don�t want to be a victim of that! Protecting your account is essential particularly when a large part of your�business depends on�Instagram for getting the leads and marketing.��You may have spent so much time on making your Instagram account stand out from the crowd, and you may have even spent some money to use services like�Trial for Instagram likes. All that money would go down the drain if someone could gain access to your account.


With hundreds of�Instagram accounts hacked on August 13, there were articles which mentioned details on how these�were carefully hacked from the start of the month in different countries.

Some users had been logged out of their accounts, while some users complained that their usernames and profile pictures were not the same as they had put. Some accounts had their contact information changed to link to a particular Russian .ru email address! Sounds scary, Isn’t it?

The account that you so carefully build, the reputation that you have, followers, content everything � gone in a jiffy! That�s not fair. Let�s see a few ways to safeguard your account from being hacked –

Keep�A Strong�Password

It is apparent that you should have a password that�s hard to crack. But, sometimes, you may forget it yourself if you keep a very complex password, which is�probably why you would want to compromise on this. But, please don�t. You always have an option to reset the password if you do forget it. It is the first step that a hacker takes to get into your account. Sometimes during data leaks, old passwords are compromised,�and hackers are smart enough to track that and guess your current password based on your old ones. If you have a strong password, it is difficult for hackers to barge into your account. There are some rules that�Instagram has for setting your password,�and you need to adhere to those. Other than the usual combination of numbers, alphabets and punctuation marks, keep something that is unique and unrelated to you or your business.

Change your password frequently,�maybe once in 6 months or so. If you suspect any weird activity, change your password immediately. You can also use a password manager to track and manage your passwords

Have�Two-Step Authentication

Almost all applications, especially sensitive ones provide an option for�a�two-step or two-factor authentication (2FA) and�Instagram is no exception.

With this feature on, whenever there is a sign-in or any other activity from a new device or a device that�is not frequently used, you will be prompted to enter a code or OTP to�log�in.

This feature ensures it is you who is trying to access the account and not any bots or hackers. It is easy to turn on the two-step authentication by clicking on settings from your profile page. You will find an option for �Two-factor authentication.�

Secure�Your Email Account

You tend to give your email address�everywhere, most of the social media platforms send their content via your email. If someone cracks the password of your email, you�are screwed � royally!�This would mean they have access to all your information � literally!

Email providers also offer security measures like email encryption and�two-factor authentication, and sign-in from a different device will result in an alert, but even then you need to have a robust password for your email just like you need to have one for your�Instagram account.

Revoke�All Permissions�To�Third Party Apps

Any time you feel a third-party app or website is not following the community guidelines listed out by�Instagram or the terms of use, you are free to revoke access. To view and manage third-party apps, you will need to open�Instagram on your computer, access your profile, click on settings and go to Authorized apps. A list of apps that you have authorized to access your profile and account information will appear. If you notice any app giving trouble,�revoke the access by clicking on the relevant button.

More�Tips�For A Safe Account

Be sure to log off when you are accessing�Instagram from a shared computer or any other device. If you are using�Instagram from a cybercaf� or any other public place, make sure that while logging in, the �Remember me��checkbox is unchecked.�Otherwise, you will not�be logged out even if you close the browser or session ends unexpectedly.

Do not give your password to anyone. Well, you already know that,�but this fact is important enough to be repeated. Phishing is a widespread method for hackers to gain access to your account.

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