Samsung SDI factory (Note 7 Battery Suppliers) catches fire

Update: The fire didn’t affect production, spokesman Shin Yong-doo said on Wednesday. The fire occurred at a waste depository, not a production facility, Shin said.

Samsung SDI was one of the key suppliers for the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, which was eventually killed off after a global recall by Samsung.

Today morning, Samsung SDI in Tianjin suddenly caught fire and because of that, Samsung is going to have another big loss. We got these images from our sources.


From the above images, It seems to be a big fire and not just a small accident. We haven’t yet got any more information. A number of people injured and possibly died is still unknown and We hope that no one has got injured.

Samsung SDI is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics in the field of electronics, is China’s Samsung tube production sector. Samsung Note 7 explosion events related to about 2.5 million Note 7 mobile phones, 70% of the battery supply was from the Samsung SDI.

The specific cause of the fire is not clear and people who were around the area are panicked. Let us see a live video of the incident.


We don’t know what is going on with Samsung but all this clearly shows that there was something wrong with the Samsung SDI in Tianjin.

Samsung had its fair share of controversies because of Note 7 incidents and now Samsung SDI in Tianjin catches fire. Samsung should focus more on the safety of Its workers and the equipment they use. This might be just an accident but these kinds of repeated accidents can damage Samsung’s brand value.

Source: Images MMDDJ China


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