Samsung GearFit Pro SM-R365 shows up on the FCC

gear fit pro
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Samsung’s upcoming wristband “GearFit Pro” or “Gear Fit 2 Pro” was spotted yesterday on the FCC, the device has a model number SM-R365 and is reportedly running on the Samsung’s own Tizen OS.

The device is supposed to be the successor to the Gear Fit 2 which was launched last year; the rumored device comes with all the essential features of fitness wristband that is an optical heart rate monitor, Bluetooth 4.2, etc.

gear fit pro

In an another exclusive leak the dimensions of the device were revealed as well, the Overall dimensions of the device are 24.8mm x 51.22mm( Length x Width), the device comes with support for Wifi-direct as well.

gear fit pro

Samsung has launched quite a few wearables in the past, be it the latest Gear S3 Watch or the Gear Fit and it has even had some success with it.

With only limited information available as of now there is not much that can be predicted about the rumored device, although in coming few days we might see some more details about the upcoming Gearfit Pro.



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