Jasi Patcher APK Download Latest Version Here [2020 Official]

For all the geeks out there, this one is going to be exciting for you. If you’re into smart android hacks and APK cracks, you must be very familiar with the lucky patcher. Jasi Patcher, formerly known as the Uret Patcher, is one of the best alternatives for the lucky patcher, and it definitely deserves a shot. It is an advanced utility tool for in-app purchase hacks. Jasi Patcher, in our opinion, has a better and extended functionality as compared to the famous Lucky Patcher. Jaspreet Singh develops the patcher from India, and I believe it is one of the best android automated patching tools which includes capabilities like Removing Ads, offline service emulation, patches, tools, and utilities.

Jasi Patcher Features

Jasi Patcher is the most advanced patcher available for android. Some of its crucial features require Xposed Framework and Root access, but Non-Root users can easily install the patcher with the help of VirtualXposed and can emulate in-app purchases.

  • Remove Ads
  • Backup and Restore complete app data similar to the titanium backup
  • In-App Purchases or In-App Billing hack (Requires Xposed or VirtuaXposed).
  • Spoof IMEI Number, Model Number, Hardware serial, Brand name, Bluetooth MAC Address, WiFi MAC
  • Ad-Blocker device-wide.
  • Custom Patch – Most popular App patches are supported
  • License Emulation
  • and much more

Download Jasi Patcher APK Latest Version (2019)

The Jasi Patcher app has a premium version also, but the craziest part of this patcher is the premium version is also free and is just one tap away. The premium version unlocks more functionality for advanced users.


How to use Jasi Patcher in Non Rooted device

The very first and absolute requirement is VirtualXposed for non-rooted users to use the Jasi Patcher.

  • Download and install latest VirtualXposed. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  • Once you install the VirtualXposed, open and navigate to Settings > Advanced Settings and install Google Play services into it.
  • Install Jasi Patcher and along with it, install the apps you want to patch.
  • Reboot and activate Jasi Patcher in the Xposed Installer.
  • Reboot again.

That’s it! You’re ready to patch and use Jasi Patcher to modify apps.

How to install Jasi Patcher APK in Rooted devices or Xposed enabled devices

NOTE: In some cases, Billing and Licence emulation will only work if you enable support emulation in the universal patch for the specific targeted application. Install Xposed if its not there in your device.

  • Enable Jasi Patcher in the Xposed Modules section and reboot your device.
  • Go to Jasi Patcher and allow the root permissions.
  • Navigate to emulation section.
  • Select the target application and enable license and billing emulation.
  • Open the modified app and make an in-app purchase for free.

This is it. Quite simple for all the geeks out there but still, for a better illustration, here is a video tutorial for the same. Thanks to the developer Jaspreet Singh for a video tutorial. 

Have you tried Jasi Patcher yet? Let us know your opinions and experience once you play with it also, let us know if you have any questions.

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