How to Install OTA updates manually (Fastest Way)

Android’s over-the-air updates(OTA) has been the traditional way to upgrade your software/firmware to the newest version, and these updates are released by OEMs, but the problem is that they don’t reach to everyone at the same time. And that’s frustrating for many users, they have to keep checking manually in system updates now and then, and the excitement of the update just fades away.

Well there’s one more way to get these OTA updates, and that’s by manually installing them, that’s by downloading the update’s file and then sideloading it, on your phone, No more waitings! There’re two ways you can smoothly achieve this if you follow everything step by step.

Following are the two methods you can get the rights to your update before it reaches your region:

  • By Side-loading(ADB) the update zip file
  • By Flashing the OTA zip file via Recovery


Installing an OTA update zip via ADB Sideload

Image Courtesy: androidcentral .com

To get this started, you must have the stock recovery, as a custom recovery is going to work here, along with that ADB and fastboot�should also be installed on your�PC.

  1. First Download the OTA’s zip file that you want to install
  2. Connect your device to your PC and also make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your phone from the developer settings menu
  3. Now get that OTA zip file for your device and place it in the same ADB folder(where you have installed the ADB tools
  4. Next, now in that ADB folder with your OTA in it, hold Shift and Right click together, and you’ll see a windows menu pop-up, after that just select Open command window here, from that popped-up menu.
  5. Once, your command window is opened, then type this command in it:�adb reboot recovery�this will boot your device into recovery mode!
    [To check whether your device is properly connected to your PC or not, Type this command: adb devices ]
  6. Once, your device is in recovery mode, after the adb reboot recovery command is given, press and hold power and volume down key. You’ll see the Android Recovery screen on your device.
  7. The Android Recovery screen is up? Cool, next step is the select Apply Update from ADB from your phone’s recovery menu, to navigate to that option you have to use the volume keys, in this case, scroll down using the Volume down key and select using the power button, Apply update from adb.
  8. With this done, you see on your phone’s screen a message saying something like: send the package you want….! this means its ready to get the file and waiting for the installation command.
  9. To install the OTA file, head back to your PC’s command prompt and type:�adb sideloadNAME_OF_YOUR_OTA_FILE.zipWhatever the name of your OTA�.zip�file is, copy that and paste it after adb sideload
  10. This will start the process and once it’s done, just reboot, and then you have the update or ROM installed on your system.

Install OTA Update zip via Recovery�

Image Courtesy: Dr.Fone Toolkit. com


Make sure you got a stock recovery installed to perform this.

  1. First, you need to transfer all the OTA files on to the internal storage of your phone
  2. Next, boot into your recovery mode, by simultaneously pressing the Volume Down + Power Key
  3. After that, you just need to select Apply Update from SD card/Internal storage
  4. Now browse the OTA file on your internal storage, Select it and just Install it
  5. This might take a few minutes, or so, after that, you’re ready to roll.

Congrats you have manually appended an OTA to your phone without waiting for it to appear in your region.

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