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PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly the most played and addictive online shooter game in the world. Many reviewers have appreciated PUBG as a fantastic game but it takes some time to get used to it and unless you learn to master the controls you cant get to be a professional player, and this is the reason why most of the people like to use a modded version of games and today here we are going to present you one of the most requested and demanded articles of all time, How to Hack PUBG Mobile without getting banned. Hacking PUBG Mobile isn’t easy at all as it requires a lot of steps, but we are going to break it down and make it easy for you to install and enjoy the modded version of PUBG Mobile

Features of PUBG Mobile MOD:

  • Wall Hack: This is the most used and most useful hack ever made, this allows players to view enemies, crates, loot and much more through the walls, Kill people by shooting them through the walls, get a clear aim shot from sniper guns and much more.
  • Aim Hack: This allows users to kill enemies even if they get a wrong aim at the target, this hack is useful to kill players while running, mostly used for sniping by snipers, this also adds an extra scope to the gun such as 15x and even more.
  • Anti-Ban: The problem with most of the hacks is, just after they log in with their account their accounts get banned for 2 years, but this is not the case with the hack which we provide, by using this hack we guarantee that you won’t be banned if you follow our steps correctly.

Required Files to Hack PUBG Mobile:

How to Hack PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 [No-Root]:

Step 1: Setting Up VirtualBox (VMOS) on Android:

First of all, Download all the required files from the above links and make sure you have updated PUBG to the latest version which is 0.13.5 currently. Then Open up VirtualBox (VMOS) and scroll to the right side and click on Enter VMOS, it will ask you to grant permissions, grant them and then it will ask you to install a new update for the VMOS ROM, click on Download and wait for the process to complete. Once completed, you will be in a virtual version of Android running inside your OS. Click on settings on the desktop and select System Settings. By default the language selected is Hindi, to change it scroll down and find an option with the globe icon and select it, select the first option from it and choose English.

Step 2: Setting up Virtual Root Permissions on VMOS on Android

In System Settings, scroll down and find the option stating About Phone, and there you will find an option stating Build Number, tap on it 7-8 times and the developer options will be enabled.

Click on the back button and above the About Phone, a new option named Developer Options will be enabled, open it and scroll down until you find an option stating ‘ROOT’ and will allow it.

Step 3: Importing apps and required files to VMOS on Android:

On the dock, you will see an option for the file manager, open it and you will see a list of all applications that can be imported to VMOS, select GameGuardian, PUBG Mobile and MTManager which we have downloaded before and click on Import. Next click on the three-dot icon on the top left corner and select Files. Now from the list of files, head over to the Android’s Folder > OBB > com.tencent.ig and click on the…… and click on Import and wait for it to get Imported, then again head over to the Download’s folder and select the of which the download link has been provided above, then select the Script2.lua and import it as well.

Step 4: Copying Required Files

Open up MTManager and click on Read and Agree on first boot of the app. Here you will see the file manager divided into two parts. On the left bottom corner, you will find a folder named ‘VMOSFileTrasnferStation’ open it. Now on the right side, select the Android folder and click on the ‘+’ icon on the bottom, this is used to create a new folder, give the name to the new folder as ‘obb’ and select folder. Now move into the obb folder on the right and select the ‘+’ button again to create a new folder named ‘com.tencent.ig’ and move into it.

From the left side select the main11090comtencentig and long press on it, here you will see a menu of options, click on ‘Move ->’ and the file will be moved from the left side to the right. Now on the right, select the file which we have just moved and click on rename and rename it to ‘ and click ok. On the left side, you will find a file named long press on it and click on Extract and click Ok. This will extract all the files to a new folder

Step 5: Setting Up VPN and Updating PUBG Mobile

Now go back to the home screen on your VMOS and open up PUBG Mobile, it will ask you to update itself, click on Update and download and wait for it to get updated to the latest version, once updated exit PUBG and on the home screen, you will find a cubical floating button click on it two times and click on Exit, this will exit VMOS. Now open up your StrangeVPN app and click on Reselect Hosts File and choose the host file you downloaded and it will connect you to the host.

Step 6: Setting Up GameGuaridan and PUBG Mod

Open up VMOS again and wait for it to get opened, once done open the up the GameGuardian with an HW Logo on it, it will reinstall GameGurdain such that PUBG won’t detect it, while reinstalling it will ask you to provide virtual Super-user permissions, to do so when the Superuser app pops up click on Remeber Choice Forever and� click Allow.

Once the installation is completed, it will open up GameGuardian, Click on Start and open up PUBG Mobile, and just after the PUBG Logo disappears, close the PUBG Mobile app and open up MT Manager, and it will ask for virtual Superuser permissions, click on Remember my choice forever and click Allow.

Once again you will see two compartments, on the left one open up ‘VMOSFileTrasnferStation’ and open the extracted folder named as ‘LibsTechieVG’ and select the inner folder once again. On the right compartment, move to Android > Data > data > com.tencent.ig> lib. On the left side in the Original Folder, copy all the files from the lib folder in the right side to the left. Then on the left come back and go into the mod folder and select all the lib files from the mod folder and copy it and paste it into the lib folder in the right side, on asking to overwrite, choose Copy and Replace.

Then on the right side, select all the files and from the menu, choose permissions and disable the permissions in the 2nd column except for the first row and click ok.

Step 7: Apply Scripts

Now once on completion of all the above steps, open up PUBG and choose a guest account or login with your facebook/twitter accounts. Now click on the GameGuardian Logo there will be a new pop-up select PUBG Mobile, then move to the settings page of GameGuardian floating window and find ‘select memory range’ and make sure that the default options are enabled and enable ‘B: Bad Dangerous’ and click save, now find the menu ‘Hide Game Guardian from Game’ and select all the four options’ and click save.

Now find the play button and choose the script which you would have downloaded named as script2.lua and click on Import. When you play a game once you are in the lobby or the game, open the floating window of the game guardian again and execute the script file, you will see many options, but we recommend you to use only Wall/Color Hack and Antenna Hack.

Step 8: Important Step, Else PUBG Hack won’t Work Next Time you play the game

Open up MT Manager once you have completed playing the game and move to the Lib folder on the left which is under (VMOSFileTransferStation) and on the right move to the Lib Folder which is under Android folder on the right. On the left in the Original Folder, copy all the files and paste it in the right side in the Lib folder.


This hack has been provided only for educational purposes, and we do not entertain piracy and hacking. I hope that you all have understood the process and have successfully installed PUBG Mobile Hacked Version on your Android. If you face any issues or need any help pls comment down below, we will try to respond as soon as possible.

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