Google Earth for Chrome Updated: Tons of features added (Download)

Google Earth has been known for its ability to provide a closer look at the world by combining satellite imagery overlooking cities, streets and lanes in the world. Ever want to find a location of sightseeing option, finding it over Google Earth has been�the quickest option. Recently, the�newer version of Google Earth has been updated with topographic maps, satellite imagery, and 3Dimension view of the cities.

These features have added to assist people in having better visual experience. In fact, another news threw light on the fact that the company is coming up with another updated version. It will focus on Knowledge Cards, Guided Tours and maintain its classic �I�m Feeling Lucky� button for impromptu discoveries.

The announcement made by Google puts a lot of attention on the Voyager feature, which brings guided tours to the Google Earth. It has been developed by some of the world�s leading developers. Certainly, the guided tour facility combined with Google Maps� Street View Imagery and 360-degree videos help in guiding the users in a better way.

Google earth image
Image is showing a representation of Google Earth

Google is said to have curated a data of about 20000 different places around the world for exploring magnificently. On using it, one can check out �Knowledge Card� for more information on the respective area. It seems that Google Earth is getting better with newer technical incorporations. The feature gives a more practical position to Google Earth. Also, it can be well-connected with Google Trips, Personalized Travel Planner, Google Destinations, Airfare Booking Tool and even Google Flight.

Talking further about the exciting new features associated with the new version, there is a 3D Button that allows people to view a particular place from any given angle. And the surrounding views add to the clarity of information required to reach the destination. Considered as an ideal thing for the Chrome users, it might turn out to be a problem for the non-chrome users. There is a possibility that they might get deprived of the additional benefits in Google Earth�s newer version. Strictly speaking, it is only adaptable to the desktop running Google Chrome as other explorers do not have the capability to run the latest version.

Google Chrome update
The Image is showing Google earth on the Chrome browser

The VR update lets user has a better view at the Street View Imagery if you go to Google earth using a VR headset such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive you will get the Icon of Street View. Street View imagery combined with VR is surely an amazing experience.

Another thing emerging clear in the buzz is that Google Earth would enable its users to type in their questions for identifying the location quickly. It seems that the Google has managed to give a brilliant technological gift to its ardent users, who wish to gratify their wanderlust spirit. You can download the latest version of Google Earth from here.

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