Google Assistant Not Working Properly on Android Wear After Google App Update

Google Assistant is an excellent way to interact with your smartphone, and it’s even better to use on an Android Wear watch. But what happens if it doesn’t even work at all. That was what happened after the recent Google app’s faulty update.

Well, this isn’t a new problem with any Google product for now. There have been many problems with Google products and the current version of the Google Assistant not working properly creates issues about the credibility of Android Wear. Before this issue, we had some issues of Android Wear with recurring reminder notifications which haven’t been fixed even till now. Other than that, we had problems of Google account copying and also text characters being cut off.

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But now the�most prominent feature of Android Wear is being affected. The Google Assistant isn’t working properly after the Google App’s recent update. Users running different watches based on Android Wear 2.0 are complaining�about this issue on Google Forums. What is happening is that the Google App is not able to do anything except completing the search suggestions. Whatever you ask it to do, it just simply replies with “Sorry, I can’t do that”. Many users are reporting the same problem and are uninstalling updates just to escape this issue temporarily.

Somebody named “Ernest” replied to the users saying, “We identified some issues in Google Assistant for Android Wear that we are working to fix. We will be gathering bug reports from an email that you will receive, let us know.” We’re hoping that Android Wear team will soon fix this problem since it causes inconvenience to the people who rely mostly on their smart watches heavily. It looks like Android Wear is still a lot buggy which needs to be fixed. Google has a good user base, so they need to check the products before making them available to everyone.

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