Google App v9.10 brings Face Match for some devices (APK Download)

As per reports suggest Apple may be working on another better 3D Face Unlock Technology with Intel to power up its iOS devices, Apple already has the best facial unlock technology in the current time and now its rival company Google is trying to improve its Face Unlock Technology. Today in a beta update of the Google App with version number 9.10 Google brings Face Match Support for the Google Assistant enabled devices.

These Reports are based on APK Teardown by AndroidPolice and suggest that the latest version has enabled this feature,�For those who have now been wondering about what is Teardown, Teardown means Searching for code or Files inside the app�s application package (in Android as you may know it is called an APK).

Last Year in the month of April, Google added a secret feature codenamed Avocado in which�Google hadn’t mentioned the purpose of the feature and now after the update it is clear that the feature which is codenamed Avocado is related to Face Matching, we haven’t�clearly got the name as Face Match but as the String in the App’s Code Suggests that its a Face Matching Feature.


<string name=face_match_settings_page_title>Avocado</string>
<string name=face_match_settings_page_subtitle>Description of this page goes here…</string>

Google App
Source: CNET

In the Teardown, we can find a code for Adding Face Data, Saving it, Removing it and more, this says that Google may be working on a Face Recognition�Technology� like Google’s Voice Match and also Google is going to introduce Multi-User Support for its Assistant, We can observe a screen for inviting others to set up their Face.


<string name=face_match_enabled_devices_section_title>set up on:</string>
<string name=face_match_set_up_button_text>Set up Avocado</string>
<string name=face_match_add_device_button_text>Add a device</string><string name=face_match_remove_title>Remove</string>
<string name=face_match_remove_summary>Description for remove</string><string name=face_match_retrain_title>Retrain your Assistant</string>
<string name=face_match_retrain_summary>Description for retrain</string>

Hope Google Brings this feature soon to all android devices as iot would help create a better Face Unlocking and Matching to all the Android Devices


The APK is signed by Google and is safe to install, Verified by APK Mirror; you can install the APK without any Fears

Step 1: Download the APK file from�here

Step 2: Go to downloads Folder and click on the APK File

Step 3: Click on the Install button and wait for it to get installed

Step 4: Done!�Enjoy !!

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