(Download) Google Allo gains, Web Stickers, Group Mentions and Much More

Google Allo�is a smart messaging app, which helps you communicate in a better way and with the latest update, it became much better. However, a teardown was done for the messaging app by the folks at AndroidPolice and have discovered many news things to talk about.

Google Allo
Image shows group mentions in Google Allo ,Image Courtesy: andrdoipolice. com

Starting with the group chats which has been upgraded and now you get mentions just like in Facebook’s messenger, where you type name in group chats and the person get’s tagged in. You also get a separate notification when someone tags you in the group chat. To tag someone, all you need to do is type�@ and the name of the person you want to mention in the convo.

Group mention in Google Allo
Image shows group mentions in Google Allo , Image Courtesy: andrdoidpolice. com

Well, then another thing that has been spotted from the APK code strings is called Web Stickers. This was also found in an earlier�version, of the Allo and now also you don’t get them baked into the app itself, instead, you download the sticker pack from third-party authorizations and add it to Allo. Moreover, there’s a something unusual about the stickers has been observed is that they can be appended to images only for now rather than posting them separately.

Wait there’s more and this strings discovered in the code convey some controls over a group, can be read here, such as.

  • Adding group managers
  • Removing group managers
  • Add and remove members
  • Ban and un-ban members
  • Block from joining the group again

Moreover, you also get Quick video selfies, which seems like a hybrid of video-calling and selfie-snapping. And lets you record a small snippet of your selfie, by long pressing the record button, in the app.

So, if you want to check out the new Google Allo, here’s the download link for the app!

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