Google 4K wireless TV box passes through the FCC

Google is still working on fiber hardware�despite announcing that the expansion of Google Fibre is being paused.

Last year rumors surfaced that new Fiber TV and Network boxes are currently in testing with support for 4K and better wireless connectivity.

A new google hardware with model number GFHD254 passed through the FCC.�According to the FCC, the hardware is a�4K wireless TV box (2.4-5GHz WIFI AC). The Fiber TV Box looks almost similar to the current model (No. GFHD200), but notably features the�new Google logo on top.�Several old ports like IR and coax have been removed from the box because the new box now supports wireless connectivity.

Previously, the TV Box had to be directly attached to the Network Box by�either coax cable or ethernet cable. But the new 4K box has WiFi, Which allows your TV and your box to be connected wirelessly.

Alongside with new connectivity options, the Google 4K TV Box can now stream 4K content. Which was also claimed by a YouTube tipster last year.

Additionally, a 9to5Google source notes that the refreshed Network Box � which the TV Box connects to � sees significantly better wireless, especially on 5GHz bands.

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