How to Get Maximum Cash for your Old Mobile Phone and Tablet

There are many reasons why people would want to sell their old mobile phones. It’s because they are tired of their phones, while for others, it may be because they want to get a trendier phone model. Wanting to get a trendier phone will cost money, and oftentimes, the proceeds from selling the old phone can go a long way in making up for the financial burden of getting the new one.

Whatever the reason anyone would want to sell their used mobile phones, making maximum cash for your old phone�is important because no one will want to throw their old mobile phones away when they can make something out of it. Many factors will determine the amount of money one will make from old mobile phones. Such factors include:

The Model of the Phone

The model and type of phone will have a great effect on its worth. One will not expect a Nokia 3310 to be worth as much as an iPhone X. You will probably have to ‘list’ your phone, depending on who you want to sell it to. Listing is very important, especially if you want to sell online. Take clear multiple photos of your phone from different angles. Also, take some clicks on the box and other accessories and upload them on the selling website.

The Selling Platform

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Another great factor that will influence the cash that one makes from selling used mobile phone is the platform on which one chooses to sell it. One can choose to trade in old mobile phones by selling to a person via an online marketplace, but this requires a lot of effort. You have to create a tempting list of what you are offering, and you might be negotiating the price. You can sell your old phone on Cash for phones in the UK, Cashify in India, and Swappa in the USA to get maximum cash for the old device.

Another option available to you is selling on online platforms such as Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Best Buy, Craiglist, eBay, GameStop, Sprint, Staples, T-Mobile, Target, Verizon, Walmart, and lots more. You can also sell your phone to a company that buys used smartphones. This is the easiest way to get maximum cash. You can get an estimated price by answering some questions online. You will get your payment after your mobile phone is received and inspected by the company.

The Condition of Your Phone

The old mobile phone condition has to be considered by the buyer, which will also affect the amount that the phone will be sold. It is important to carefully use your phone, especially if you consider mobile phone recycling or sales after use.

Buy a Case: You probably already used a case before to protect your phone’s delicate glass screen and back from cracking. I know that sometimes, it ruins the beauty of the phone, but if you want to keep your phone free from dents and cracks for when you want to sell it, a case is one of the most important things you need. Ensure complete coverage all around the edges and offer the phone’s case to the new buyer as a bonus.

Buy a Screen Protector: These are sacrificial screens that you layer on your phone’s original display. Buy a glass one, not plastic. Screen protectors can break when the phone falls from a height � that is what they are for. It is not a bad idea to keep a spare in hand in case yours break.

Keep the Box and All the Parts: Carriers will prefer to have your phone’s original charger but may not care about the box when trading in your old mobile phone. Re-boxing the phone in its original condition � or as close as you can get to it � will make your device more appealing, which translates into more money.

Thoroughly Clean Your Phone Before You Sell It:

Cleanliness means money. Whether you are selling phones to a stranger, through a third party, or back to the carrier or manufacturer, you will get more cash for phones that look and work like new than you will for a crusty mobile phone that is merely limping along. Since you will not get paid until the buyer inspects your device, you may not wind up with your asking price if your used mobile phone does not match up to expectations. Cleaning your mobile phone is well worth the effort.

Besides cleaning the body, the next step in cleaning your phone is to erase all the data before selling it. Make sure that all the data from your device gets wiped completely. You will have to sign out of all the accounts. Here are a few important things to keep in mind before you get started with the process. You will have to back up the data to a secure location. You can then restore it later on your handset at a later stage. The next thing to do is remove the activation lock is applied.

Once you sign out of all the accounts and backup the data, you will have to ensure that you remove all the SIM cards and SD cards. It is also advisable to do a thorough check of the handset to see if there are any damages, dents, or scratches to the body. At the last step, you can perform a factory reset of your device.

Package and send the mobile phone:

Charge your handset completely before sending it to the buyer. Also, please turn it off and on a couple of times to make sure everything is fine. One of the best ways to send your handset is to put it in its original box. It will not only help you make a good impression but also help you command a higher price. The packaging must be tight. You can then ship the handset to the buyer through a postal service that provides the package’s tracking. For ease of convenience, you can share the tracking number with the buyer. It will be a bonus if the postal service provides insurance for the shipped item.

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