Samsung Galaxy S10 to feature an improved in-display Speakers (Leak)

Image Courtesy: c. mi .com

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is still far from launch, but the new rumors about the successful Galaxy S series drop on a weekly basis and this time around, we hear that Samsung might bring a different way to deliver sound on the Galaxy S10. However, its nothing like super innovative as we have already seen Xiaomi doing the same thing with their Mi Mix handset. Yes, you guessed it right delivering sound via the display. The Chinese Giant Xiaomi first introduced this technology on the Mi Mix via a piezoelectric vibrating mechanics, which vibrates the display to spread the sound across the board.

However, it fell short when compared to its Dual-Stereo speaker rivals, but it did help the Mi Mix to get rid of its top bezel completely. So, the main taking here is that Samsung is willing to take the bezel’s off with the Galaxy S10 and we could see a truly bezel-less device from the South Korean electronics titan. Apart from that, Samsung can’t just risk the audio quality for a reducing few percents of bezels, which also suggests that Samsung will also bring an improved version of that tech which Xiaomi used with the first generation, Mi Mix.

In-display fingerprint sensor
Image Courtesy: Qualcomm. com

Moreover, with the inclusion of in-display speaker, the Galaxy S10 is also reported to feature the highly anticipated under the display fingerprint scanner, which Chinese OEMs like Xiaomi and Vivo has already implemented. Samsung will wait for the most refined version of the same or develop its own thing and implement it on the Galaxy S10 for the best performing in-display fingerprint scanner experience.


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