Essential Phone PH-2 2019 Specs, Camera, Price, And Release Date

Essential phone the “brainchild” of Andy Rubin, who is also known as the father of Android, seems to be in works for the company’s second device. The company’s first phone was the Essential PH-1 (Essential Phone), which was one of the best phones when it comes to high-end�built�quality. The side frame was carved out of titanium, while the front was covered in glass and on the rear, Essential crafted�the back panel with the best looking ceramic, making it look a true avant-garde device. The PH-1 packed the best specs available in 2017 and was also a semi-modular device, however, not many mods were released for the device, while the device came with a price tag of $700.

6 March 2019: According to a patent, The Essential Phone 2 might hide its camera behind the screen. However, the patent was apparently first filed in 2017, but the latest reports suggest that Essential is working on a new phone with a lot of AI capabilities.


Update: According to some reports, the upcoming Essential Ph2 has been canceled. It seems like the company is still working on the Essential Phone PH 2 smartphone; after all, some media reports have cited sources that are familiar with the company.

Apart from being expensive, there wasn’t any wow factor backing the device. So, some fans were worried about how will the successor of the device be, and will there be any successor to it, in the first place.

Image Courtesy: GSMArena
Image shows Essential phone being manufactured, Image Courtesy: Andy Rubin

Fortunately, the answer to that is a strong yes, Essential in an interview with Bussiness insider, talked about the PH-2 and that it will be a much better device and they also added they’re listening to the customers and will consider all thoughts while developing its successor. Moreover, the company also claim to improve upon the camera; it will be a big focus for the PH-2.

Apart from that coming towards the mods, the two pins located on the PH-1 doesn’t make the phone to follow a strict design dimension rule, so we could see the size getting more substantial, as the two pins only need to stay on the top side maintaining the same width between the two.

Full-Bezel less front fascia?

Essential Phone

For the PH-2 2019, we could see a completely bezel-free front face and a 19.5:9 aspect ratio display that might measure up to 6.4-inches. However, the tiny notch at the top center could also be present for the second gen device as well; within which is the front camera and the earpiece/speaker. Moreover, the rear could be made out of glass this time like everyone else is doing.

Another exciting feature that Essential should consider is the popular request by many users, is the under the display fingerprint reader(In-display Fingerprint reader). Furthermore, the Essential Phone 2 2019 will be powered by the Snapdragon 855 CPU, coupled with a powerful camera, which will also be powering all 2019 flagships � paired with either 6GB or 8GB RAM and 128GB and 256GB storage options.

Essential Phone 2-Camera

Essential Phone camera mods
Image shows the Essential phone with the 360 camera mod

The PH-1 had dual camera’s; the primary shooter was an RGB sensor while the second sensor�was a monochromatic�unit. However, this time the possible camera combos could be as follows-

  • Wide Angle + RGB sensor
  • Wide Angle + TelePhoto sensor
  • MonoChrome + Telephoto sensor
  • MonoChrome + RGB sensor + a higher megapixel sensor for Hybrid Zoom

The hybrid zooming(Software + hardware) ability is the new gimmick in town, and as move closer to 2019, it will be the new portrait mode in town. A higher megapixel sensor is used to preserve the details along with the Zooming optical ability of the Telephoto unit; this joint strike of cameras gives better zooming results.

Pricing and Availability

Talking about the battery a 3500mAh battery is expected, or something under 4000mAh will arrive with the PH-2. While the pricing could be a little cold this time compare to last year. And we hope a starting price of $649 for the base variant. The Essential Phone 2 2018, might advent within a similar time frame as last year, maybe a couple of weeks earlier compared to the previous year.

As the company previously did face some delays in manufacturing but now as the company is a bit more established, we could see the company delivering the PH-2 2019 on time, this fall.

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2 thoughts on “Essential Phone PH-2 2019 Specs, Camera, Price, And Release Date”

  1. 2 years into my PH1 ownership and cannot fault this phone. Build quality is exquisite. Previously had a Oneplus 5t and Samsung S6 – I prefer the PH1 because of its lovely solid feel and despite being two years old I still enjoy using it every day. If Essential ever release a PH2 I will be on the order list.

  2. Hopefully they do come out with the new ph2 soon.
    I have the ph1 and love the phone.
    I bought it on 2019, it’s blazing fast, best phone I ever owned.
    The camera is great now, the software fixes have done the trick.
    I use Google camera app, built in app and Open Camera app, each adds distinctive qualities to pictures. But for details I default to Essential app.
    I kind of hope they keep the ceramic back for the ph2 phone, it’s Goergeous.
    Albeit I’m covering it because its so nice scared to have it exposed. Lol.
    It’s great they have updates still for ph1, using android 9 now, and can get beta q through Playstore.
    My Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra won’t get Pie update and came out 2017,2018, come on.

    I’ll be a Essential customer as long as they make phones and give this kind of support.

    Thanks for the review.


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