(Download) Mozilla develops FireFox Rocket especially for Indonesian markets (APK)

Mozilla is on a roll for quite some time as the web-giant has rolled out a new update for its desktop browser with a revamped interface and now the company is making some significant efforts�for its mobile platform and this, version is specially designed for its users in Indonesia as per reports suggest.

Moreover, this version of Firefox is called firefox Rocket, which is one of the many versions of the popular web-browser. Interestingly, this new Rocket variant is geared towards the every growing Indonesian market. Lately, the Indo-market has seen quite a few especially apps from Twitter with their twitter lite also arrived in Indonesian, as well as Facebook’s messenger, is also in the region.

Firefox Rocket
Image shows Firefox rocket Image courtesy: Mozilla. de

Now, talking about the what’s up with this Rocket version of Firefox and you guessed it right it’s like lite version firefox which consumes less data is more efficient on loading web-pages and smartphone resources which is liable where data services are not strong and faster services might be somewhat expensive. So, it makes sense to develop a little-toned down and efficient version of the app without much compromise.

Some highlights about Firefox Rocket web-browser:

  • Turbo Mode� blocks all ads and saves data and improved page load times
  • Built-in data saver (options to select, avoid downloading of images)
  • Takes less space on your smartphone
  • Offline reading of web pages is also available
  • Screen-shot anywhere
  • Save cache and images to SD card, to load pages next time faster
  • Non-tabular UI, to save resources on your phone

Lastly, the application is still in beta stage, so you might encounter some bugs here and there as expected at this stage. Furthermore, when the beta stage gets completed, we think it will also make its way to other south-east Asian countries, where data is limited and not very fast.

Download the Mozilla FireFox Rocket from here.

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