Cumblr – Answer to the Tumblr Adult ban with welcome policy

Welcome to the Internet post the Tumblr apocalypse. For those who might not know, Tumblr recently banned all forms of adult content on their platform. This drastic step was taken by Tumblr after Apple took down the stumble app from its App Store amidst allegations of circulation of child pornography on Tumblr.

It should be noted that a substantial portion of Tumblr�blogs and pages were adult related.�The Tumblr purge left a vast number of people searching for an alternate channel to upload their content. Amidst the host of Tumblr alternatives, the newest entrant is Cumblr.


Cumblr claims to be solely focused on hosting content that is adult in nature. It is promoting itself as Adult social media and has clearly stated that pornography is allowed on Cumblr. Cumblr will start as a website with an accompanying progressive web app which will later be converted to native iOS and Android apps. Cumblr will be a free platform for all to access but they will also ha e subscription plans for content creators who want to monetize their channels. It�s a solid monetization plan as long as Cumblr does not put necessary features behind a paywall. Given the emergence of online sex workers and the stringent laws surrounding the issue, it remains to be seen how Cumblr navigates the murky water in this regard.

When adult content is concerned, it is imperative to have a stringent content policy and Cumblr has made sure to be on the safe side by having a detailed content policy abiding all laws and regulations.

The demise of adult content on Tumblr has seen a host of other competitors try to launch Tumblr clones and Cumblr is not the only one trying to grab up the people left behind by Tumblr. �Cumblr has a similar sounding name, and they seem to know what they are trying to do- instead of trying to be Tumblr clone they are seeking only to cater to the adult content creators.

From first glance, Cumblr has a neat user interface with the essential features needed for content creators and audience alike. However, the option to post multiple images at the same time is sorely missing from Cumblr at present. Cumblr has commented that they will provide the feature in a future release.

Only time will tell how Cumblr fares in terms of stability as a platform and can navigate the dicey issues surrounding adult content and pornography. As of now, it is one of the better Tumblr alternatives to choose.

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