Brave Browser – Faster and better Chrome alternative with Ad Blocker

Brave is an open source built by a team of privacy-focused, performance-oriented pioneers of the web. The brave browser has an in-built Ad-Blockers which help you fight against those annoying ads in the websites. This browser offers much-needed privacy features along with ad blockers and more. On both Android and desktop, the browser is based on Chrome, so all the plugins and extensions are compatible; Also, it�s blazingly fast�while using much less RAM than used on Chrome�with the best security and privacy features built-in, HTTPS-everywhere, blocking of third-party cookies, incognito browsing mode with Tor, fine-tuned per-site control over ad-blocking and more.

No Ads, So you Save Money!

As per a survey report conducted, we have come to know that an average user pays around 23$ a month in your data charges. This, when multiplied by 12 to get the gross usage charges over a year, comes out to be 276$ a year. That’s too much for a content we ever don’t need. So Brave blocks these ads and helps you save data over these and save your money indirectly.

Up to 8X Speed from Other Browsers!

Brave Browser offers some amazing speeds while loading websites, also it claims to be 8 times faster than other browsers in some cases. In our testing, we have found out the browser offers at least a 2x speed on all the sites. News sites load nearly 6 times faster than usual on chrome.


The Brave browsers offer high-class privacy with HTTPS everywhere, control over the data you want and use, Control over the data they collect and even the incognito mode in which most of the browsers save your data; Brave doesn’t do so, All your private data is neither stored nor collected.

Some Other Minor yet Useful Features!

  • Plugins: Brave browser supports almost all the plugins used on chrome, making it handy for you not searching a plugin for each browser you change
  • Sync:�This is still in beta and can be used to sync all your data from your smartphone to your PC or vice versa. To be noted that, this is still in beta and can have some bugs


  • Android:

  • Windows:

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