Top Best 5 Android IDEs To Consider Using In 2020

Android mobile application development is an ever-developing industry with new applications and features coming each day. In the past, individuals had no choice except to code an application without preparation for each stage. However, presently with a steady up-gradation in innovation, individuals and programmers can code over their own mobile app effectively and rapidly using many features.

There are several top Android IDEs to use in 2020 for your applications. According to market forecasts, consumers will likely spend over $75 billion in mobile app stores this year. By 2021, this number could reach over $130 billion. Certainly, creating an Android application can be a profitable opportunity. Fortunately, software companies have created upcoming integrated developer environments (IDEs) to streamline your app development process. As a developer getting started, you need to know which IDEs can optimize your building, running, and testing procedures. In this post, you’ll learn about five great Android IDEs to use in 2020.��

Xamarin Visual Studio

Xamarin Visual Studio is among the top IDEs to streamline Android app development in 2020. This is one of the best environments for enterprise-quality applications. Visual Studio is one of the most helpful and beneficial devices for mobile developers. Microsoft now includes build-in Services for Android, iOS, and Windows. Visual Studio offers tools to build applications, oversee small to enormous teams, manage version control, and build services. Task runners show arrangements of accessible tasks, and performing out these tasks is as straightforward as a click of a mouse. Surely, this IDE provides robust tools for debugging your user interface and troubleshooting functionality errors. Also, it has a continuous integration (CI) server to automate your application tests. Many development experts have already identified that CI and continuous deployment (CD) are keys to speeding up software development. This way, internal and external teams can confirm your app is performing properly. Xamarin Visual Studio is perfect if you’re looking for intelligent tools to produce enterprise applications with a startup DevOps team.

Android Studio

Next, Android Studio is among the best IDEs for mobile app development in 2020. Since Android has some of the best smartphones for gaming, the Studio IDE is an essential tool to build your program. This development platform is also well-known for its attractive design templates. These pre-built user-friendly layouts can save you time while building your applications. There is also a layout editor that offers drag-and-drop tools to create pleasing app displays. Besides, Android Studio has a high-speed emulator. With this tool, you can test how your application design looks on physical Android devices before deployment. This way, you can ensure high-quality, efficient design solutions. Android Studio offers intelligent tools to support your app 2020 designs.


Besides, CLion is a powerful IDE to build apps in C and C++ programming languages. This cross-platform development environment offers an integrated debugger. CLion is equipped with a code editor that dissects and unravels a code’s setting to give instant code conclusions. Other than that, the program consequently organizes code lines for adherence and compliance to rules. Much like the code completion feature, this works on auto-pilot and is applied as the user types. These spare users time in writing and quickens their time to market. Notably, this tool can attach to local processes. Alternatively, you can use it to debug your applications remotely. This platform also offers an inline variable view. This way, you can see all of your variable values directly in the editor as you debug your program. You can also inspect your variables of a specified function in the stack frame and track changes during your session. Undoubtedly, CLion provides powerful debugging tools for your C and C++ Android apps.��

Cpp Droid

After you have learned about Android APK apps, Cpp Droid is another IDE for C/C++ app development. If you’re just getting started with coding, there are many built-in examples of C/C++ program examples to facilitate your project. This platform also includes detailed guides and tutorials to help new developers. Additionally, Cpp Droid is highly customizable. Indeed, you can configure code syntax highlighting features to meet your programming preferences. Similarly, you can also configure auto-indentation and auto-pairing features. This IDE also provides real-time diagnostics. For example, you can see warnings, errors, and fixes as you work. This way, you can maximize efficiency in your debugging and testing processes. Cpp Droid is perfect for new developers looking for a supportive Android IDE for their C/C++ apps.

AIDE (Android IDE)

Furthermore, AIDE is another widely used IDE for android mobile application development. This IDE is known for specifically developing scalable and enterprise Android apps. It can be used for Android, Java, and PhoneGap applications. The IDE is an application available on the Google Play store, allowing beginners to design and develop professional apps. As an app that allows you to build apps, this IDE does have some limitations compared to Android studio. Still, AIDE supports the entire Android SDK framework and allows you to conduct testing right on your Android device. For a simple solution, AIDE is one of the best options to consider in 2020.

There are several top Android IDEs to use in 2020. For instance, Xamarin Visual Studio provides intelligent core tools for your enterprise-level applications. Also, Android Studio has flexible, sophisticated tools to accelerate the development process without compromising quality.

CLion is a great option for your C/C++ applications. It includes an intelligent debugger to optimize your programs’ functionality. Moreover, Cpp Droid also a C/C++ apps and has many features specifically designed to aid new developers. Ultimately, your IDE choice depends on the tools you need as a developer. These application development tools are among the most used IDEs by programmers and developers worldwide as it enhances maximum profitability by making stable applications coordinated with best features.

Everything from simple code navigation to error-checking features of these integrated developer environments (IDEs) makes them the best android development environments to use in 2020. Consider all of these options for developing your next android app.

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