Whatsapp update to introduce blocked screenshots, animated stickers, and more

Whatsapp is the most used messaging app there is. The app has been getting loads of new features since it has been acquired by Facebook. Whatsapp recently got introduced to Stickers which have now become a smash hit. As per a trusted source, Whatsapp will be getting three more major features in the new update. Without any further ado, let’s quickly check these features out and see how they’ll be affecting our day to day Whatsapp usage.

Blocked Screenshots

One of the major features that will be making its way to the Whatsapp in the future updates is the Blocked Screenshots feature. This is a controversial feature and was spotted by WABeta info. In the latest beta, a setting was spotted which will block a user for taking screenshots of the chat if it’s enabled. Whatsapp fans have already taken to Twitter to express their anger over this feature so it would be interesting how Whatsapp would be introducing this feature.

New emojis for Doodle UI

Whatsapp sports a different set of emojis in its Doodle UI. The emojis that you add on your photos and text with the help of the Whatsapp editor is a bit different from the set of emojis offered throughout the app. In the next update, the emojis in the Doodle editor will be replaced with the iconic WhatsApp emojis.

Animated stickers

One cool feature that we’ll be getting in the latest version of Whatsapp is the Animated Stickers. Animated Stickers are a big part of Facebook Messenger, and now they’ll be coming to Whatsapp as well. We can also see the support for third-party stickers being added in the future versions of Whatsapp.

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