Upcoming Apple Watch to feature LTE and SIM Card support

Earlier Apple launched the Apple Watch Series-2 which was not a big success for Apple at all as it has a lot of limitations and comes with a gigantic price tag it fails to impress most of us. So today we are here with a new news regarding the upcoming Apple Watch, as per Bloomberg, the new Apple Watch will come as an independent device as at present Apple Watch needs to be pair with an iPhone, and the user faces the limitation to operate it within a limited range.

But the new Apple Watch will be able to work even without an iPhone and will come with the hardware that will work even if you do not have your iPhone with you. Bloomberg also mentioned that the watch would come with the LTE functionality. These features sound hollow as if a watch will come with the LTE support then how much battery backup will it deliver and even the present watch gives a day�s backup hardly.

apple watch
Image Courtesy: Apple

If a watch will support LTE then it indirectly means that the watch will come with a SIM card support but as per �AppleInsider� the watch will not come with a SIM card compatibility because it is challenging for a watch to have a dedicated slot for SIM card as it will affect the battery life and the form factor of it, that is why they believe that Apple will feature something called Apple SIM in this device. Previously Apple has used this in the iPad Pro and in this technology the SIM is embedded directly into the chip so that some space can be saved for other miscellaneous hardware.

So it is possible that Apple may bring this Apple SIM technology in the upcoming Apple watch and we are very much sure that the upcoming Apple Watch will come with any IP certification so that it can face accidental damages. Apple may release the new generation of Apple watch with along with iPhone 8.

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