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How to Setup MultiROM on Android device 

Shivam Devgan



Multirom manager

It’s a headache when you want to flash a brand new ROM, and you have to say goodbye to your current one and do all the process of wiping the cache and installing the new one. And if there’re bugs in the newly installed ROM, then again repeat that tedious process and go back to the stock one.

However, this overhead can be reduced to a great extent, if you have the MultiROM manager installed on your handset, which makes switching between multiple ROMs an immediate task. You can select between various ROMs at the time of boot; thus now you don’t have to get rid of your old ROM, saving you a lot of time.


Now before you get into the MultiROM setup, your device should have an Unlocked bootloader, it must be rooted, and also you need a custom recovery such as TWRP or CWM. Next, your handset should have at least 70% or more battery in reserve for this process.

Lastly, it is advisable to take a complete backup of your data, just in case of things don’t go according to the plan and if you might end up losing your data, as there’s always a risk involved in such tasks.

How to Setup MultiROM on your Android device

  1. To begin with first download the MultiROM manager app from Google Play Store.
  2. After that, open the app which will then ask for root permissions, You have to select Yes.
  3. Now you will see the two options here as “MultiROM” and “Recovery” within the Install and update section
  4. As MultiROM needs a custom version of TWRP recovery and by selecting those options mentioned above will start installing them
  5. This also means that you have to have a working Internet Connection for the process and it will download all required files
  6. Next, after finishing the installation process, you will be asked to reboot your smartphone and do by selecting the reboot option
  7. Now you will automatically reboot into Multi-ROM.
  8. Next, it will now show three tabs – Internal, – External and Miscellaneous; we don’t have to choose any of them yet
  9. Now boot into TWRP custom recovery and tap on the hamburger(3 horizontal lines) menu.
  10. Here you will Select the Advanced option within that, Select the MultiROM option.
  11. Once, within that MultiROM option, Tap on Add ROM
  12. Within this option, you have to Select the Type of ROM, the majority of users want to install two Android ROMs, so select type as Android, if you wish for another OS, select that type mentioned there
  13. Once, Selected tap on the next option to proceed and browse the ROM file you want to install, from your internal storage.
  14. Swipe to confirm the Installation & as soon as it’s done you will be taken to MultiROM Manager
  15. This is where you can get the ability to Select the ROM of your Choice
  16. To select your choice just double tap on the ROM you want to boot into
  17. You will be booted into that specific ROM, and then you’re good to go

You can get more ROMs multiboot, by following the same process and then select them from the MultiROM at the time of boot.

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