Mozilla Firefox v65 adds support for WebP Image Format (APK Link)

Firefox is a web browser, developed by the company Mozilla for Android, iOS, and PCs. Firefox is the 2nd most widely used web browser of the time, and thus it needs to bring more updates and new features to rank up and maintain its position. After the update of v65 for Android, the update brings a new feature to the app which is support for WebP Images

For those who are wondering what WebP is, it is an image Format developed by Google and is based on the VP8 video codec used by WebM. It supports both lossy and lossless compression, making it a competitor to JPEG and PNG, respectively. Google Chrome has been able to view WebP images since 2011, but progress in Firefox has been slow. At long last, WebP support is enabled by default, starting with the beta release of Firefox 65.

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Changelog: Added support for the WebP image format. Enhanced security for Linux, Android, and macOS users via stronger stack smashing protection being enabled by default.

How to Enable WebP if you have the latest version installed:

Step 1: Type about:config in your address bar

Step 2: Search for image.webp.enabled

Step 3: If it has not been enabled double click on it to enable it

Step 4: Search for image.http.accept

Step 5: Double tap and change it to image/webp,*/*

Step 6: Restart the Browser

If you want to check if your browser supports WebP or if you have enabled WebP properly in firefox head over to Google’s WebP Gallery and tested it out and comment down below whether it worked!

Here’s the official changelog page (not updated as the time of writing). However, the changelogs on the Firefox 65 beta update is updated. If you want then you can download the Firefox v65 beta update APK from here, and the Firefox 65 stable version APK from here.

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