Download Huiye Flash Tool – Flash ROMs on Qualcomm devices

If you are an Android Geek you would be having some idea on What is Flashing, Custom ROM’s, Stock ROM’s and whatnot, and thereby if you have ever flashed a wrong ROM on your device or just want to roll back to your Stock ROM you would have faced quite some difficulties flashing the custom ROM as you would need to find the correct flashing tool, the current ROM and whatnot, so if you are using a device that has a Qualcomm Chipset we are going to let you know about the best ROM Flashing tool named as Huiye Qualcomm Flash Tool! 

Huiye Flash Tool aka Huiye Download Tool

Features of Huiye Download Tool:

  • Flash ROM’s Manually: With the introduction of the Huiye Flash Tool, users can flash ROMs either in an emergency or manual mode quickly on Qualcomm devices.
  • Lock and Unlock Bootloader: Huiye Flash Tool makes it easy for users to lock and unlock their bootloaders in a single click.
  • Compatibility: Huiye Flash Tool is compatible with a lot of Qualcomm devices, and is portable so that users don’t need to install it on their PC they can use it as a plug and play.
  • Different Flashing Modes: Huiye Flash Tools have two different options for the users to flash their ROM’s, the first one is the Manual Mode where the users just need to choose their corresponding chipset and the device number from the list, whereas the second one includes the Emergency Mode where the users need to choose the firmware, boot into EDL via the boot key and flash the ROM.

Download Latest Version of Huiye Download Tool for Windows:

Download the v2.9: Huiye Flash Tool v2.9

Qualcomm Mobility LLC officially created the Huiye Download Tool. Qualcomm owns all the credits and trademarks, and we are thankful to them for providing this excellent Flash Tool for free.

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