Clash Royale update brings some major Game balancing changes

Popular Multiplayer smartphone game Clash Royale is getting a Game balancing update today. The update was recently announced by Supercell on Clash Royale’s official website and now the day has finally come when it’s being rolled out to users across the globe.

Clash Royale 4/1 Balance update

The game has over 100 Million downloads on Play Store alone and is a smash hit across Android and iOS both. The developers of the game have promised such updates on a monthly basis to keep the game fine-tuned and as fun as possible.

Talking about the update, Here are the official changes that will make their way into the game.

Clash Royale 4/1 Balance Update Changes

  • Witch:�Spawns 3 Skeletons when destroyed
  • Flying Machine:�Hit Speed reduced 1.0sec -> 1.1sec
  • Ram Rider:Snare Movement Reduction reduced 100% -> 85%
  • Giant Skeleton:�First Attack faster 0.5sec -> 0.3sec, Mass increased 15 -> 18 (harder to move/push)
  • Bandit:�Hitpoints -4%
  • Goblin Hut:�Spawn Speed increased 4.75sec -> 4.5sec

The key point of this update is that the Developers have listened to the community and the overpowered Ram Rider is finally getting nerfed. The Snare Movement Reduction has been Reduced from 100% to 85% which is a welcome change.� The Ram Rider is a fan favorite and this change will affect that a bit but still, there has been no change in the attack speed whatsoever which will balance out the things.

Here’s what the developers had to say about it.

For some clarification on Ram Rider’s Snare… it can make troops look�stunned, but Ram Rider’s Snare mechanic only slows movement speed -�not attack speed. Troops snared by Ram Rider can still attack, only now it will be more obvious as the snared troop will not be frozen in place!

Here’s a quick look at all the changes this update is bringing to the game.

If you’re a Clash Royale player and have already updated the game, please let us know your thoughts about the update in the comment section down below.

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