Xiaomi Mi Drop now available to download on Android and Windows 10

If you have a Xiaomi device, then you might have come across an application called the Mi Drop which comes preloaded with the MIUI. Mi Drop lets you transfer any files between two Xiaomi smartphone or between your Xiaomi device and your PC wirelessly. The app is very efficiently designed and offers some pretty helpful features. The speed of transferring files wirelessly to your pc is far better than other file transferring apps available on the Play Store.

Unfortunately, the app was exclusive to MIUI and people don’t own a Xiaomi smartphone cannot use it. But that’s not the case now. The app is now available to download on Play Store for every Android user. Let’s now take a look at how you can transfer files to your computer wirelessly using Mi Drop.

Step 1. You need to make sure that your smartphone and your PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Open the Mi Drop app and select the Options Menu. If you’re not able to find the options menu, Look for three vertical dots on the right corner and choose Connect to Computer from the list.

Step 3. Choose the file that you want to transfer, and tap the start button. Now, you can choose the location where the data will be transferred.

Step 4. After you’ve selected the file that you want to transfer, you will receive an FTP address which you’ll have to use it on your computer to find your phone.

Step 5. Open the File Explorer app( Not Internet Explorer) and type The FTP address from your computer on the File Explorer window into the bar.

Step 6. After a minute of loading, You’ll now be able to access your phone’s files.

Mi Drop APK Download

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