Vivo to launch World’s first Smartphone with an In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

A few months ago some leaks were there about the smartphone which will sport an In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner, at that time we were expecting Apple or Samsung to bring that technology into existence, but unfortunately, they fail to do so.

Some leaks were suggesting that the first smartphone which will feature this technology was not going to belong to those famous brands. Some more information surrounding this Fingerprint technology is there which may generate curiosity in your mind.

Image of the In-Screen fingerprint scanner.
Image courtesy: twitter .com

Vivo is the name which comes to our mind when we talk about this In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner technology. Earlier leaked images and rumors suggest that Vivo will become the first brand to offer this new technology but with�time this information seems to be hollow as 2017 is about to end, and still they haven’t revealed anything. Now�Patrick Moorhead�(an analyst of Forbes)�claims that the prototype of that specific smartphone exists and they have experienced it.

As per him, the first smartphone from Synaptics that offers this new feature is made by Vivo, and the Synaptics sensor measures tiny at 0.7mm in thickness and has the capability to recognize Fingerprints beyond the OLED panel. He says that this technology was fast and accurate which he has not expected and this technology is faster than the iPhone X�s FaceID.

If this smartphone comes into production then only a few countries including India, China will get it because Vivo doesn�t sell its smartphones in U.S, England and other countries. This technology will open new doors for the manufacturers as now they will have the liberty to embed a Fingerprint Scanner beneath the screen, it will save a lot of space as well.

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