ThopTV App APK v6.1 Brings New Dark Mode and Movies Section (Download)

One of the best and most popular Online TV Streaming shows just got even better with the latest update. You would have guessed it by now, Yeah it’s the ThopTV APK, and with the latest update, the app gets an all-new and exciting dark mode, movies section, and many more things while fixing some major bugs. If you don’t know what ThopTV is and have landed here by mistake, we will recommend reading our in-depth guide on ThopTV APK (Android) and ThopTV for PC, which will explain to you all the necessary details regarding the application.

ThopTV app v6.1 Update Changes:

The Latest version of ThopTV comes with v6.1 and brings the all-new and trendy dark mode to the application. This was first available in the previous versions but was removed due to some bugs, and now it’s back with all the bugs being fixed. The second change that the users can visually notice will be adding the new Movies Tab where the users could sort and search for Movies or Movie Channels for streaming online.

Also, a new VOD Section has been added while fixing some bugs in Cast in Mallow and, more importantly, according to the developer. The ads have been reduced drastically to ensure smooth performance during video playback. Also, the force uninstalls button has been removed due to some reasons. Overall this is a major upgrade from the previous versions, and we will recommend you download it as soon as possible. Also, Read AOS TV and OLA TV.

Download ThopTV APK v6.1 for Android:

This app is not available on the Google Play Store and needs to be installed manually via sideloading, and you can download the latest version of the ThopTV APK v6.1 here.

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