Truecaller Premium APK + MOD Download v12.1.6 (Gold/Pro Unlocked)

Truecaller Premium APK (Gold/Pro Unlocked): Nowadays, we need to know who is calling and why someone is calling. We must protect ourselves from the Fraud Calls since there are numerous hoaxes inside the world, wanna cheat you by capturing bank OTPs, and Passwords and consequently get inside your Bank account. Gone are the days when we were supposed to get scared of such calls, as right now, we can employ the Caller ID apps to grasp the Caller’s details and his calling reason first! Yeah, You heard right! It’s an easy process and merely gets employed by downloading a fascinating app in your Android smartphone named Truecaller and creating your account.


Truecaller delivers an experience that exceeds the constraints of all other Phonebook and Calling applications trending nowadays. And that’s why it’s ranked as the #1 top-grossing Communication application on the Google Play Store. Truecaller was founded in May 2012 and got succeed in almost all the sectors of its delivery. If we look at its statistics right now, we can find over 1 Billion users who’re daily employing this application to protect them from fraud and grasp all the useful aspects of callers.

It was the first Android application, helping you search for contact information about all the unknown numbers. It’s a convenient application, offering you a search menu to inscribe the contact number for getting all the details about the user, like his location, email-id, Call history, and all the required details. 

The Truecaller app commences with the first glimpse of logging in to your account. You can complete this process via Google, Facebook, and Yahoo or directly connect with the Truecaller Database by inscribing your contact number and the received OTP. It fundamentally works on a Give and Gets scenario, where you’re needed to engrave just the number of users. 

Moreover, you can also enable the Live Caller ID feature of the Truecaller app for using it as a flowing app while receiving or making a call. Its caller ID contains the Name, Location, and Service Provider name of the user with the Truecaller brand logo. Moreover, You can apply the below-sectioned features list to get deep inside the Truecaller app!

Truecaller Features

Live Caller ID on-call

Live Caller ID is the most advanced feature for every user employing Truecaller in their daily life. No one holds a massive time for inscribing the user details every time after calls on the Truecaller interface to get details about him. But as the most delightful feature, it offers you the Live Caller ID support that you can enable from the Truecaller Settings menu and get intact details about the Caller on an ongoing call! Moreover, You can also change the look of Truecaller Live Caller ID from two different modes, full Screen and the Classic Popup. So to employ the most fabulous one and enjoy every feature of Truecaller thoroughly! 

Truecaller Premium MOD APK Spam blocker

Free Spam and Fraud Blocking Feature

Are you getting bothered daily with the Spam and Fraud calls and scared of getting unwanted calls? It’s a real crisis nowadays, since, in this advanced technology, all the hackers can directly get inside our device via just a phone call. It must sound impossible, but it’s a 100% genuine dilemma! So the Truecaller application helps you in getting rid of all such obstacles without any high-tech knowledge. All you need here is to enable the Spam and Fraud Call blocker, and afterward, you can either get such calls blocked or notice a red-colored Caller ID for such Fraud Callers. Got excited, right?

Truecaller Premium APK Spam filter

Convenient app interface

Truecaller MOD APK is an engaging app, holding the best features with a convenient app UI. In other words, It’s a handy app that is easily accessible for all the global guys, whether if the user is a 5th-grade kid or a 60-year-old guy. It only needs to get logged in first via either social accounts, Google, Yahoo, or Facebook. And consequently, you can enjoy all the enormous features and functions available inside this propitious app. So stop waiting and Go for it!

In-built messenger and Call Blocker

Apart from all these delightful Call-based features, Truecaller also delivers the most precious messenger with adorable performance and all your desired privileges. It’s an in-built feature and got separated from the Tab menu. Moreover, you’ll also get astounded after hearing about the Message filter add-on inside the Truecaller application. Yeah, you heard right, you can manage your messages here in two different tabs for Business(Bank and Users) and Spam(Service Providers and Marketing experts). 

Truecaller Premium APK in call messenger

Subscription Plans of Truecaller

There are enormous premium or paid traits within all the above features inside the different faces of Truecaller, the subscription face. Yeah, Truecaller is a BOGOF Android application offering three distinct interfaces: free, premium, and Gold. All interfaces hold their traits and are based on the amount needed to get subscribed. Below are the details about all its plans with the demanded amount – 

Truecaller MOD Premium Gold

Free Plan

Free is the default plan of Truecaller awarded at the first stage after installing this app on smartphones. Belonging to the name, it’s a free plan holding a small number of features, including Live Caller ID, in-built messenger, Spam Blocking Contact menu, and the QR Scanner. Moreover, you can also use the Dark mode inside the Free plan to make your Truecaller experience more enthusiastic. But still, it’s an ad-filled plan of Truecaller, featuring tons and online interrupting advertisements and annoyance.  

Premium Plan

Premium is the first paid plan offered by the Truecaller application, costing 49.00 INR/month or 449.00 INR/year. In this massive annual amount, it delivers lots of impeccable features like Live Caller ID, Spam Blocking, In-Built messenger, Incognito mode, and the In-Built Call Recording extension. Additionally, as an advanced membership, it allows you to grasp the details of all the guys who viewed your profile, and you can also get more contact requests than the free account inside this plan. At last, it’s an entirely ad-free subscription!

Gold Plan (Featured in Truecaller MOD APK)

Gold Plan is the last and the most premium plan of the Truecaller app, and it’s the same plan we’re providing you inside the Truecaller MOD APK. It incipiently costs 5000.00 INR annually and features all the Premium membership traits with two additional privileges – Gold Caller ID and the High Priority Support. Gold Caller ID is a fully gold-colored Live Caller ID to get noticed superiorly while someone calls you. So unless spending a massive amount of 5000.00 INR annually, download Truecaller MOD APK. The choice is all yours!

Truecaller MOD APK Download [Gold/Premium]

We all are advanced and won’t need to spend massive amounts on the Calling app subscriptions as we can employ the modifications and skip the payments. Time to reveal the surprise hidden in the same article below – Truecaller MOD APK! The modified version of the official Truecaller application consists of the ad-free app interface and free Truecaller Gold subscription support. Yeah, You heard right! You won’t ever need to pay 5000.00 INR annual cost for the Gold after installing the Truecaller MOD APK

Truecaller Premium Gold

Moreover, Truecaller MOD APK is a safe & secure Android app consisting of zero bugs and viruses. It utterly means that you can install this application on your smartphone without getting scared of any obstacle, and you also won’t need to gain root access. Got excited, right? Well, it doesn’t end here since there are enormous features embedded inside the Truecaller MOD APK. So download it right now and enjoy all its exciting features in your way!

Truecaller Premium APK Gold MOD Features

Time to wrap up the feature-rich Truecaller MOD APK with the below list. You can either go through the below-sectioned features and get more info about Truecaller MOD APK or also directly download the app from the below link and enjoy all the exciting features on your own.

Truecaller Gold Unlocked

The Premium subscription must be charged as 449.00 INR for the entire year, but Gold is the most precious one, as it’s charging 5000.00 INR and offering more unusual support! Keeping that in mind, we’ve developed the Truecaller Premium MOD APK with the embedded free Gold Subscription. You can enjoy all the Truecaller Gold features with the free Gold Caller ID and support free of charge after installing the Truecaller MOD APK. So what’re you waiting for? Skip your waiting time and download Truecaller Gold MOD APK right now for the free Gold experience.

Truecaller Gold APK

Ad-free app interface

If you have already employed the Truecaller official application before, you must know about the most annoying online advertisements in tons of quantity inside the Free interface. It’ll annoy you and will take lots of your time to get employed. Nevertheless, After installing the Truecaller MOD APK Premium, you can enjoy 100% ad-free support either if you’re surfing the app online or offline. Time to grasp out all the interruptions and breathe the most enjoying life.

Premium Badge with Golden Caller ID

Premium Badge and Golden Caller ID are the markers of your Royalty. And if you want to employ the Truecaller application in such a royal way and can’t afford the Gold payment, Download Truecaller MOD APK right now! It’s a free Android application, delivering the Premium badge support to show your Royalty to all your callers and the Golden Caller ID, to personalize your Caller-ID interface classically.

Truecaller Gold badge

In-built Call Recorder extension

Are you getting annoyed with keeping two separate applications for Calling and recording your calls? So again, as the most impeccable feature, the Truecaller Premium APK MOD is granting you the free in-built Call Recorder extension. Thus, truecaller offers you a premium Caller interface, with free Call Recording support, without charging a single cent for eternity. So download Truecaller MOD APK right now, and record all your crucial calls merely!

Truecaller call recording

Who viewed my profile?

The Golden Live Caller ID, Truecaller MOD APK, also lets you know the name and other crucial details about the other Truecaller users checking your profile. Moreover, you can use this function handily without letting the user know about your inspection of his portrait. It can help you acquire new contacts with all the Intruders’ details to visit inside your device. Download Truecaller Gold APK instantly from the below link and get the entire Golden subscription unlocked free of charge. 

TrueCaller MOD APK feature Who viewed your profile

Truecaller MOD APK Download Latest Version

Your wait is finally over! Now you can download the Truecaller Gold MOD APK directly by clicking the below-listed download link. It’s the latest modification update, containing all the latest technologies used by the official Truecaller app. Moreover, it also consists of the most innovative trait of Truecaller, engaging you to let the user know why you’re calling them and taking the call with listed reasons. So, download Truecaller Premium APK’s latest version and Enjoy all the above-listed benefits at zero hassle!

Download Truecaller Premium Gold MOD APK’s latest version from here (version 12.1.6) and version 11.76.6 from here.

How to Install Truecaller MOD APK on Android 

Installing Truecaller MOD APK is a handy process as it can get installed just with your smartphone’s default app installation process. Moreover, you can follow all the below steps to install the app conveniently –

Step 1 – Download the latest Truecaller Premium APK from the above download link.

Step 2 – Now, you need to enable the third-party installation. So Open the Settings application.

Step 3 – Explore and find the Security Tab and tap it.

Step 4 – Locate the Third Party or Unknown Source installation in the vast menu of options. Enable it!

Step 5 – Now, you’re all good and required to open the File Manager app.

Step 6 – Open the appropriate download folder and locate the Truecaller MOD APK there.

Step 7 – Click on it, and choose the Install tab from the prompt pop-up.

Now all you need is to wait till the installation completion(Like 1-2 minutes), and eventually, you can get the Truecaller MOD APK listed in your app then, enjoy. Enjoy all its exceptional features!

Final Verdict

Truecaller Premium MOD APK is the smart solution for all your modern calling obstacles and barricades. You can employ it in all your Calling tasks, including Calling, Spam-Blocking, Call-Recording, and Caller-ID personalizing. Moreover, you can also use the additional features of Truecaller like In-Built Messenger and QR Scanner extension without a single payment. Moreover, it’s a 100% legit and ad-free version delivering an accessible Gold interface to all global users. So skip waiting, and download it right now for a superior calling experience!

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Truecaller Premium APK FAQs

  1. Is Truecaller MOD APK safe to use?

    Yes, Truecaller MOD APK is the safest modification of the official app. You can fearlessly download the app and can log-in to any social accounts here without a single qualm.

  2. Can I install the Truecaller MOD APK on my iOS smartphone?

    Gloomily, Truecaller MOD APK is only designed for Android smartphones, and you can't use it in any other OS based smartphones excepting Android ones.

  3. How to use the Gold Caller ID free in Truecaller?

    It's the most simplistic process to use the Gold Caller ID free of charge in the same Truecaller server. All you need is to download the Truecaller MOD APK from the above link, and that's it!

  4. How to get a free Premium subscription for Truecaller?

    Premium Subscription can't be more delightful than the Gold subscription, and that's why we're offering you a free Gold subscription inside the Truecaller MOD APK. Download it right now!

  5. How to install the Truecaller MOD APK?

    Truecaller MOD APK is a hassle-free app and can be installed with the default easy steps. Moreover, you can also conveniently go through the above-sectioned steps to install it merely on your smartphone.

  6. Is Truecaller MOD APK a legit app?

    Yes, Truecaller MOD APK is a legit creation, and it works with the same Truecaller official servers. So you can acquire all the details here as the official Truecaller app with the most advanced features!

  7. Did I have to pay for Truecaller MOD APK?

    No, You won't need to pay a single cent, as Truecaller MOD APK is delivering the free delightfulness or free Gold Membership for eternity!

  8. How to download Truecaller MOD APK?

    You can download Truecaller MOD APK utterly by clicking the above-listed download link. Sounds convenient, right?

  9. Is Truecaller MOD APK an ad-free application?

    Yeah, It's one of the principal features of Truecaller MOD APK! So download Truecaller MOD APK right now and experience ad-free Caller-IDs.

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