Top 5 Android Security APKs you can use to protect your phone  

APK stands for Android Package Kit (or Android Application Package). It is a file format that Android utilizes to distribute and install applications. An APK has all the components necessary for Android users to install an app onto their smartphone. The process of installing an app on the phone using an APK is known as sideloading. Users can extract APKs from the Google Play store or download APKs from other app stores.

Why Use an APK?

The most common reason why people use APKs is to download an app before it is available for a device. For instance, A Google app may take two to three weeks to become available for the mass market after Google has released the app. An APK allows users to get the app or an app update right away without waiting. Sideloading enables users to install apps on their devices that Google Play does not offer. However, users should be cautioned that downloading random APK files can present numerous security problems and other issues.

With that in mind, here are five of the most popular VPNs, Antivirus, and other secure APKs for Android devices.

1. Surfshark VPN

vpn security

Surfshark is an award-winning, top VPN for Android that can connect all devices at once. Users have access to their favorite online sites and streaming services, no matter where they travel. The Surfshark Android App also allows anyone to engage in any online activity without being traced. They leave no digital footprint. Android users can get it at Google Play Store

Features include:

  • CleanWeb. Avoid malware & phishing attempts and enjoy a clean cyber experience with a safe mobile VPN.

  • Whitelist. Exclude specific apps from connecting to the private VPN app.

  • Kill switch. Protect any device with a secure VPN if an Internet connection drops.

  • IP masking. Hide the actual IP address to guard user privacy when they use a mobile VPN app.

  • Private DNS. Surfshark utilizes its own DNS on each server. There is no need to go through a third party.

  • Camouflage mode An Internet service provider has no access to the Surfshark private VPN app.

  • Encryption. Surfshark utilizes AES——256—GCM encryption to guard user data.

2. CM Security Antivirus

CM Security Antivirus

The CM Security Antivirus for Android allows users to optimize their smartphones with little effort. The main feature of this app is an antivirus. It counters the presence of malware that a user may have accidentally downloaded. The antivirus works by scanning the device once it is turned on. It can also detect the malware activity and send notifications as soon as it detects the malware.

CM Security Antivirus also contains several other features:

  • App lock. The App Lock feature secures other applications. To access the application, enter a password.

  • Gallery security. CM Security Antivirus can secure an entire gallery on the Android phone.

  • Battery saver. It also comes with a battery saver that helps to shut down unnecessary applications running in the background. It is required to reduce the RAM consumption of the device.

  • Cleaner. The cleaner feature can also be found in the application as well. This feature will clean up your device to get more RAM space.

CM Security Antivirus is a useful tool that allows users to optimize their Android Phones. The application is small and will not take up a lot of space on the device. Since users do not install a separate app for the features, CM does not waste phone memory.

3. Max Security Lite

MAX Security Lite includes a virus cleaner, phone cleaner, antivirus protection, boost cleaner & antivirus for Android. It offers low power consumption and low memory usage, which makes it perfect for Android phones.

Features include:

  • Virus & malware cleaner. MAX Security Lite acts as a virus remover and virus cleaner, removing malware, spyware, and Trojans from phones. Max Security Lite protects your android device from harmful viruses and malware 24 hours a day.

  • Phone cleaner. Clean junk files of the SD card storage or internal storage. MAX Security Lite is also capable of a one-tap boost with low power consumption exclusively designed for phones with small memory.

  • Booster for Android. Lite frees up RAM and speeds up memory by closing apps that run in the background.

  • Smart app lock. Retain security and privacy of sensitive content by locking sensitive apps with a password or pattern.

  • CPU cooler. The APK can monitor temperature changes, reducing the phone temperature as needed.

  • Battery saver. Battery saver can detect and stop power-draining apps to save battery power for Android phones.

  • Call blocker. With call, contact, and permission settings, MAX Security Lite can block all annoying spam calls and provide powerful call assistance.

4. Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN allows users to connect to otherwise blocked sites while providing secure connections in private and public hotspots. Turbo VPN offers high-speed connections with the One-Tap VPN proxy server feature. It provides links to hundreds of servers worldwide. Users can bypass firewalls, unblock websites while protecting masking their online activity. It encrypts all data traveling to and from the Android phone.

One of the best features of Turbo VPN is that it allows zero leaks in or out of the servers or networks. It consistently passes IP leaks tests, browsers leak tests and privacy leak tests.

Features include:

  • Encryption. Turbo VPN encrypts data using OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP).

  • Simple interface. Perfect for novice users entering the VPN world for the first time.

  • Netflix-ready. Users can stream Netflix content with zero difficulties.

  • Unlimited bandwidth. There is no limit to how much data users can transfer between devices.

5. APUS Security Elite

APUS Security Elite

APUS Security Lite has many of the features that users look for in an Android APK: antivirus, junk cleaner, battery saver, app lock for android device. It is the go-to application for protecting privacy for many users who need a basic system. Security Elite helps protect phones from viruses and while boosting its performance.

Security Elite removes viruses fast and easily from any Android device. Security Elite can also scan installed apps and download files to isolate the Android from malware, spyware, and Trojans 24/7.

Features Include:

  • Junk cleaner. This security tool cleans unwanted files in the phone cache and frees up several GB of storage space.

  • Phone Booster, battery saver, and CPU cooler. Users can hibernate apps and auto-start apps into standby mode to reduce power consumption and speed up the phone.

  • Message security. Prevent unauthorized users from accessing message notifications.

  • App locker. Security Lite encrypts sensitive apps, which store private information. Users can open the phone or an app with a pin or pattern. The APK supports Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Message, etc.

  • Call blocker & assistant. Block all spam calls and provide a more secure phone accessibility feature.

There are several sources for APKs across the Internet. For instance, users can download the Surfshark APK directly from the website; the same goes for the other APK’s mentioned above. This is the most secure source for APKs. Otherwise, users will have to be cautious about where they download APKs. The right APK can help users enjoy apps that they may not otherwise. This is especially true when trying to create a secure android experience.

Keep in mind that downloading an APK from third-party sources will pose some risks. The best way to avoid these risks is to check APK files for safety and security before installing it on your device. You can use apps like VirusTotal, HashDroid, and NViso ApkScan to check for your APK security. We suggest you also check out these security measures on contextual security for your device’s more robust security.

I hope you enjoy the list above. If you have any suggestions or feedback on my listed apps, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

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